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Looking for a beautiful and durable driveway option for your Tampa home? Look no further than a paver driveway.

With many designs and different pattern options, paver driveways are a unique and beautiful addition to any Tampa home.

Many people don't know this but driveway pavers can actually increase the resale value of your home!

Are you ready to upgrade your driveway? Keep reading for a complete guide on the benefits of pavers.

One of the biggest advantages of paver driveways over traditional concrete is the many design options. You can choose the color, type of pavers, and even a unique pattern.

This improves your home’s curb appeal and creates a beautiful entryway.

Brick Pavers


Brick pavers are a traditional choice. They’re made using molded and baked clay, making them slightly less durable than other paver options.

Brick pavers are fragile but can still last for a few decades if properly maintained. Extreme weather and heavy Florida rains can cause the clay to flake and disintegrate.

Though fragile, brick pavers are still strong, withstanding up to 12,000 pounds per square inch.


Another strong and popular option is concrete driveway pavers. These pavers are made of poured concrete that’s been molded to form bricks.

Concrete is more durable than clay, which is why the lifespan of concrete pavers extends to up to 50 years!

Although more durable, concrete isn’t as strong as brick and can only withstand about 8,000 pounds per square inch. The good news is, this is more than sufficient for everyday use.


Cobblestone pavers are made using natural quarried stone. These are the most durable of the driveway paver options and can last a lifetime.

Many homeowners also find cobblestone driveways to be the most attractive of the three options. Cobblestone pavers have a rough surface, which gives them the added benefit of being slip-resistant.

Permeable vs. Impervious

One more choice to make is whether your paver driveway will be permeable or impervious.

Permeable pavers are made using tiny holes that allow water to drain directly through them and into the ground beneath. This means you’ll never deal with standing water or puddles.

Impervious pavers force the water to flow around and over it. Over time, this can lead to erosion and may cause flooding issues later on.

Design and Color Options

Once you choose the type of pavers you want, it’s time to consider paver styles. You can choose not only the color but also the layout of your new driveway.

Some homeowners opt for a traditional, more straightforward layout while others want an unique design that adds beauty to the space.


This driveway pattern is both versatile and durable. Rectangle pavers are arranged using a 45- or 90-degree angle to the garage, creating an eye-catching zig-zag pattern.

Not only is this pattern aesthetically pleasing but it’s perfect for high-traffic areas and parking heavier vehicles.

The interlocking pavers displace weight and prevent shifting.


If you want a more contemporary look that still provides durability, the ashlar pattern is growing in popularity.

Similar to a brick pattern layout, instead of off-setting each row by half a tile’s width, each column is off-set, creating a vertical pattern.

Running Bond

A classic choice for residential driveways, the running bond pattern is also known as the basketweave.

Mimicking the look of an old cobblestone street, running bond creates a less contemporary, more old-world look. As attractive as running bond is though, it’s not as durable in high-traffic areas.

Consider running the pavers across the driveway rather than along the length to mask any imperfections.


An I-pattern driveway is popular for brick pavers and creates a somewhat random pattern. You’ll notice the shape of the capital letter “I” in this design.

By using paving stones of various sizes, you can reinforce the driveway’s strength and durability while also creating a unique design.


In terms of color, the options are truly endless from traditional red bricks to light or dark gray cobblestone. Choose a paver color that compliments both the color and style of your home.

You want people to notice your gorgeous paver driveway without taking away from the beauty of your house. Try picking a color that’s the same as your house but a few shades lighter.

Avoid choosing pavers that match your home exactly. For example, a red brick driveway with a red brick house will blend too much and make it difficult for either feature to stand out.

Paver Driveway Maintenance

You want your driveway pavers to look as good as the day they were installed. By following a few of these basic maintenance tips you can help preserve their look and integrity.

Sweep and Weed

Using a broom or blower, clean away any dust, dirt, or debris that collects on and between the paving stones. If left, these particles will dull the finish of sealed pavers.

Leaves that fall during or before heavy rains can actually stain your paver driveway. It’s best to clean leaves and other debris off the driveway before a storm hits.

Remove or treat any weeds that grow between the paver stones as well. Not only are these unsightly, but over time, they can cause the stones to lift or shift out of place.

Remove Stains Immediately

Sometimes, you can’t prevent or avoid stains on your driveway, but you can clean them promptly to avoid permanent damage.

The good news is, removing oil, gas, and grease from your pavers is fairly simple — as long as you act fast!

Make a paste using powder dish detergent. Cover the stain and scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush. Let the solution sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off.

Seal the Driveway

Sealing pavers isn’t required but it is recommended and can prevent some of the above mentioned problems.

For example, stains are less likely to set on sealed pavers and weeds don’t grow as quickly. Sealed pavers also hold their vibrant color much longer and protect against harsh weather conditions.

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