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What web development issues could you let the Laravel PHP framework help you to solve? How much easier/faster is it for you to handle typical tasks for developers?

These are two major questions we'll attempt to address in the blog post.

For the speedier, you'll solve the inevitable issues occurring during the development The more time you'll get to spark your imagination while working on the specific logic of your app!

In terms of the most common challenges to development and the way they can be the ideal criteria for selecting your ideal web-based framework, let's take them on! We will also outline the way Laravel will help you over these challenges:

  1. Securing Technical vulnerabilities

The problem you're facing solving technical (and consequently "security" as well) weaknesses that are bound to "infiltrate" your web application in the course of its development (e.g. cross-site scripting, SQL injection etc.)

Laravel's solution:

• It is equipped with protection against important security weaknesses

• Its codebase is constantly scrutinized and monitored by thousands of developers' eye

• It blocks unauthorized users from accessing the most important data in your apps or other paid resources

  1. Error and Handling of Exceptions

The problem you're confronted with:

• setting up your application so that it can properly handle errors (data-entry forms are the most common "error generators")

• Invoking prompt alerts (error message) to notify the user that the data entered is incorrect. information

Laravel's solution:

• The error handling system is already in place

• Additionally furthermore, moreover, the PHP framework is already incorporating it with the Monolog log library. an extremely powerful tool for supporting many long handlers

• It runs periodic updates to prevent mistakes on your application or website.

  1. Designing a custom and secure Authorization and Authentication System

The issue you're faced with is putting together an authentication and authorization system for users to ensure that users who aren't authorized don't access the app's resources paid for or critical data

Laravel's solution:

• It provides you within the box, everything you require to build your authentication system

• In addition this helps to make the process of establishing your authorization logic easy

• It gives you complete control over all of the necessary resources

  1. Separating the Client Side/Presentation Code from the Server-Side/Business Logic Code

The problem you're faced with:

• Helping your web developers "grow independently" from their co-workers in the developer world by making all necessary changes to your website's HTML layout.

• Also by creating a clear distinction between logic and presentation at an early stage of the development of web pages, you'll enable developers also, to address issues and add new features much faster.

The solution of Laravel is an MVC framework The "presentation business logic and logic separation problem" is resolved by default!

  1. Configuring a Scheduler, and Managing the Scheduled tasks

The issue you're faced with setting up an effective task-scheduling program (and with the term "task" we're referring to automatic database table clean-ups and regular emails that will be automatically sent to those on your list, etc.)

Laravel's solution:

• the built-in command scheduler allows you to modify your schedule right within Laravel

• Just 1 Crone file on your server is more than enough

  1. Setting Delivery Delays and Configuring them, and Managing queued messages

The issue you're confronted with:

• In the process of putting together an automated message queue system at the beginning of development to help handle the "heavy" number of queries (per second) that your website server is confronted with.

• A queue mechanism which will reduce the risk of losing data and increase page load time by speeding up web page requests

The solution of Laravel is its queue service "spoils" users by providing a single API regardless of the queue back-end type

  1. Automated Testing Scheduling Using Laravel PHP Framework

The issue you're faced with is the process of establishing automated testing sessions that are more efficient in time and often more precise than standard manual ones

Laravel's solution:

• Luckily for you, it is good news that the Laravel PHP framework comes with standard PHP unit tests as well as a phpunit.xml file

• Additionally, it has functions that enable expressive testing, which simulates common behaviour of users (link clicking as well as filling out forms and other such actions)

  1. Configuring URL Routing

The issue you're faced with is determining a clear and straightforward URL routing to ensure that your app can comprehend the intent of the user to know precisely which page he/she would prefer to go to

Laravel's solution:

• You'll find all you need to know about your Laravel PHP framework's routing in the app/Http/routes.php file (don't be concerned, it'll load automatically)

• the most basic protocols accept Closure and URI and URI, allowing users to easily set up their routes

  1. Integration of your Web App With Mail Services

The problem you're facing creating a system which sends out messages to your subscribers in response to important events

Laravel's solution:

• It provides a simple yet robust and clear API for SwiftMailer.

• It also comes with a driver for Mandrill, SparkPost, Mailgun, SMTP, Amazon SES, Sendmail, PHP's mail function, and a "plug and play" solution for your application to send emails instantly using a local connection or cloud-based service

• It also provides assistance in sending notifications (so it's not just emailed) through various channels like Slack, SMS through Nexmo...

  1. Integration of Backend Caches into Enhancing Performance

The problem you're facing is to improve the performance of your website application by connecting it to cache back-ends

Laravel's solution:

• Laravel PHP framework is a robust platform that supports cache backends like Redis and Memcached.

• It's designed to work with the default driver for file caches (storing its cached parts within its file system)

• In addition, it's set up to effectively handle different cache configurations


It is the Laravel PHP framework that helps you streamline the basic tasks you need to complete (turning these tasks out of "challenges" into straightforward "to accomplish" tasks) aiding you in gaining valuable time! The time you spend on "crafting codes".

We're now more than eager to hear your thoughts regarding the web-based framework!

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