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  • Published September 3, 2022
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You've designed a beautiful web design that showcases your products and services. You're waiting for something miraculous to occur: people to begin visiting your site and making sales. But, things don't always go as planned like the thousands of businesses that have sites on the World Wide Web have discovered to their surprise. Digital marketing is a way to increase the visibility of your site to your customers of choice and

generate leads but is it sufficient?

There is the possibility of using PPC ads to see results (converting leads to sales) but it's costly (although lower than traditional sales and marketing.) The best solution is an ongoing solution that ensures those who search through their queries will end on your site. We're talking about generating leads organically without costing you a fortune. It's a long-term and viable solution to keep your income stream running and healthy instead of the quick-fix option of paid advertisements. The problem with digital marketing services is to create organic leads and nurture them into becoming your real customers. Sounds difficult? Not quite! If you choose to use the tried and true methods discussed below. Before we get into the techniques, let's first be aware of the term "organic leads".

How do you define organic leads? And why are they so important to SEO services?

If you make use of the search engine Google (or other) to find information or search the name of a service or product and you visit a specific address on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and you're organic leads for the particular website. It is important to note that you did not visit the website directly or click on the PPC advertisement but rather you have taken the indirect method of searching.

In the previous example the above scenario, you have a chance to go to the website you are looking for to search for your query because most likely, you came across it on the top part of the SERP. That's why every company is keen to have its site appear at the top of the SERPs to get the most traffic, either through in-house resources or by enlisting an experienced internet marketing agency.

Let's now learn about the tried-and-tested strategies to increase leads from organic sources and, most importantly, cultivate these leads into conversions. This is important because many organic leads will not lead to sales. As a business, you need to direct organic leads to a sales funnel that will drive conversions through a nurturing process.

Methods to boost organic leads

To get genuine organic leads (leads that are able to be transformed into customers) you need to follow the methods below consistently and persist. It is a fact that in just a few weeks you'll begin seeing positive results.

Keyword research: You must find the terms that are used by your potential customers who are looking for information or to inquire regarding the services or products that your site offers through search engines. Keywords or search terms relevant to your business may be identified through keyword research with tools like Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planning Tool, SEMrush and many others. Then, these keywords (and their counterparts) should be integrated into your website as well as in the content you create (blogs or articles, infographics and videos, as well as social posts, etc.) as a component of the digital strategy for marketing.

Site Analytics: The procedure will assist you in locating the pages where natural visitors to your website typically end up. Check that the pages are able to be navigated and repair any errors that could prevent crawler software from indexing your pages. Site analytics can provide you with information about what Google considers valuable on your site. If the driving factors that drive the traffic to your site are not in line with your goals for business, then you need to ensure that your content is in line with the business goals.

Your website must provide information that is pertinent to the query. For instance when a person seeking information about web design is directed to your page for digital marketing services the user is likely to be unhappy and quit your website. Additionally, if your company involves developing mobile applications when a person searching for a travel website lands on your website this will definitely increase the bounce rate. In such instances, it is important to make sure that your content is aligned with relevant keywords to your company.

The Guest Post Route: You may be receiving an abundance of organic visits to your site and social media posts, but they're not going through the funnel of conversion. It could be because visitors to your website don't consider your website reputable or credible enough to make them want to share their experience with you. This is a problem that every business that has an online presence has to face how do they make their website appear credible, popular or worthy to their prospective customers? The best method to approach this is to create guest articles on websites of third parties that have an excellent Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). These articles will attract more visitors and a higher organic rank for your website.

Include Explainer Videos on Your Website: Videos can make an instant connection with your clients and it is likely that they will be viewed by more customers than text-based content. Explainer videos can help prospects stay on your site, improving user engagement and providing an improved user experience. They can improve the rank of your site. There are even statistics that show the importance of explainer videos - approximately 50% of customers search for videos related to a service or product prior to visiting a shop (Source: ThinkWithGoogle.) If you'd like your site to feature appealing videos and make it more user-friendly, make sure you use high-quality explainer video solutions from a well-known agency.

Create engaging conversion points: Use Google Analytics to monitor user flow to your website - which page are they visiting from, from where they are headed and why they go elsewhere. Find out which webpage(s) that visitors arrive at and go towards the following. Find those pages that have high bounce rates, which are, pages that force users leave your website.

Therefore, you must understand the flow of users and make it easier for visitors to find information or purchase products or services. Because each person will have their own preferences and needs when searching to find information, your site must have attractive Call To Action (CTA) buttons to encourage customers to choose to join. For instance, if your blog is focused on search engine optimization services Why not include an appealing CTA near the bottom of your blog, directing the reader to download a template for the services?


Today's consumers are more sophisticated and will prefer data-driven websites that can provide the most efficient solutions to their questions. To reach them efficiently and bring customers to your funnel for conversion follow the steps above carefully. If, however, you feel this task is best left to experts, then you should hire an expert digital marketing company and see the money flow into your bank account.

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