Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About 12 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX) TRENDS IN 2022.

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  • Published September 13, 2022
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The Covid 19 pandemic not only has accelerated the shift to digital client experiences but has also prompted businesses and other organizations to embrace new technologies to increase their competitive edge. Customers are no longer concerned about the price of products or services; instead, they value the customer experience. Although it may seem cruel, this is the truth: customers will abandon businesses that can't keep pace with their changing needs. It's as simple as that!

Brands will face a pivotal moment in 2022 as the market experiences significant changes in customer expectations and customers. 50% of global consumers say the pandemic forced them to re-evaluate their priorities and re-evaluate their purpose. Every aspect of how we live, shop and work have changed from two years ago.

These are the customer experience trends likely to be at the forefront of 2022.

  1. Advanced AI

AI-powered chatbots are important in 2022. They will be able to process orders, perform transactions and answer any customer questions. According to many customers, Millennials are happier using chatbots and virtual assistants over real people. Chatbots and virtual assistants can be added to your website for customer service in real-time. The sophisticated AI allows you to provide complex support with little mistakes.

  1. The Digitization and Reconstruction of the World As We Know It

Those who refuse to embrace the digital world will not be able to compete; those who do will suffer huge losses. Businesses that don't embrace digital technology by 2022 will be dead on the market!

Businesses must be prepared for the metaverse, which is rapidly approaching as they improve online shopping experiences. The metaverse, widely considered the next big thing after the Internet, allows users to interact in their own 3D digital world. This will allow marketers to make personalized connections with consumers.

It is essential for brands to understand their customers and to be able to anticipate changes in consumer behaviour to benefit from the rise of the metaverse.

  1. The Omnichannel Customer Experience

Your company's task in dealing with customers will become much easier in the future. There is only one entity that requires support at any time! One portal handles all of the channels. There is no confusion in the 2022 shopping process. Your customers will no longer be in separate locations when they shop online.

  1. The rise of in-person interactions

Although most companies have moved to digital platforms and marketing campaigns over the last few years, it's still important to maintain in-person contact.

It would make sense for businesses to stop focusing on offline marketing methods such as radio and TV advertisements in 2022. Live events and promotional giveaways are the best way for customers to have real-life shopping experiences.

  1. There are Micro Stores All Around!

Many businesses have had to rethink how they approach local shops due to increasing demand. Customers don't want to browse through products and not buy them. They want quality. This includes customer service in-person.

In 2022, micro-stores (or small retail spaces) such as kiosks and pop-ups will be more common, especially for physical products. Customers can experience the product in person before purchasing it. Local brands have great opportunities to expand their reach through micro-stores.

  1. The blurring line between digital interactions and real life

Most consumers will spend as much time on their preferred digital platforms by 2022 as they do in person. It could be due to the high-quality graphics, which are nearly identical to the real world. Or it could be because these digital experiences have strong social aspects.

Mixing AR technology with VR devices will give users the best experience. They'll feel like they're there. Digital marketers should use interactive 360-degree videos to create an immersive experience for customers as they increase their marketing budgets in 2022.

  1. Biometric Data-driven Intelligent Actionable Insights

As the world becomes smarter, every bit of data that you collect about yourself is valuable. Digital marketers are capturing everything, from browsing patterns to actions on websites in real-time.

Customers can expect 2022 will be a more personal experience than 2021. Companies are able to track every action they take on their site or in their app, which reduces the need to waste money on advertising. Customers are offered exclusive discounts and real-time offers based on browsing history or purchase history.

  1. A Greater Focus on Sustainable Marketing Practices

It is no secret. Digital marketers must not be passive players in the problem. They have to take responsibility for minimizing their impact on attracting customers online.

Digital marketers will begin to adopt sustainable marketing practices as more brands shift to them.

  1. Emphasize quality over quantity

The smartphone has also given rise to HD attention spans. Brands that provide high-quality content will be rewarded by customers. They won't focus too much on clickbait and volume to get short-term attention.

Customers should be able to distinguish between useful information and junk by 2022. Digital marketers will need to create incredible experiences that customers return for again and again because of the increased demand for quality content. To deliver personalized content, digital marketers must take advantage of the customer's unique personality and social networks.

  1. Mobile-first Approach

Customers will continue to shop on mobile as their mobile devices get smarter over the coming years.

It is safe to say that 2022 will be the year when mobile marketing campaigns became mainstream. A responsive design that adjusts to screen size should be ready for use by the end of this year on high-quality websites. Marketers should think about voice commands to help their brand stand out across all digital channels.

  1. Unification of customer-facing functions

Future customer experience won't be restricted to one department or team; it will require cross-functional and inter-departmental collaboration. Customers will want unified experiences. This is why sales, marketing, product, and service teams need to work together. All departments within your company should be connected.

This balance will be achieved by your technology stack. Tech stacks will replace traditional systems in the end. They are configurable and scaleable and offer a broad range of integration and security options.

  1. Instant Gratification

In 2022, customers and brands will have more conversations than ever. Your customers will expect immediate responsiveness from you when they call or send a message.

Customer experience platforms and their ability to integrate with other systems within your stack are key factors in allowing customers to respond to inquiries in real time.

Advanced CX platforms should allow you to immediately route any incoming contact request to the agent who is most equipped to handle it. Agents should have full access to all information regarding each case, including previous interactions and order details. So that they don't have to wait,


These 12 predictions for 2022 will give you a framework to help your company prepare for digital transformation. Your technology stack can make a significant impact on the customer experience.

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