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  • Published February 9, 2023
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”What is an inalienable right? The inalienable right to life proclaimed by Thomas Jefferson, and the equal protection laws, secured by us by the 14th Amendment, are not selective grants of governmental benevolence; they are the inherent properties of each human being, whether unborn or aged, or unable to care for oneself.” (Google, December 19, 2022.)

How does this Constitutional right become subjugated to the self-referential dictates of unelected persons?

We have seen throughout history, psychopathic individuals who have destroyed many people because they wanted to do so. To recall to memory a few of these people:

  1. Hitler and the Holocaust, where Hitler starved, tortured, and executed 6 million European Jews and 5 million POWs were murdered. (The Holocaust: the National WWII Museum);

  2. The Jonestown Massacre of 900 people of the People’s Temple Cult in Guyana (founder - Jim Jones) who drank poison or were forcefully injected with poison. (

  3. Boko Haram’s killing of 6,600 people in Nigeria (cbc), raping, and forced abortions. (Reuters, The Abortion Assault).

Today there is a war waging, too. It is the war of America versus its people. The sources of the war are outside of the USA seemingly, causing America to war against its own citizens. These sources seemingly are the following: WHO, the UN, WEF, WFO, Russia, and China.

I draw this conclusion from these sources among others:

“The World and the UN Must Reduce the Population Growth”:

Mueller Report

The Wilson Center

“How China Deceived the WHO,”: The Atlantic

”US Will Terminate Relationship with the World Health Organization in the wake of CO-VID-19 Pandemic“: stat

It seems as though these various organizations are seeking to reduce the world population and destroy the health of the world populations (see articles above and the rest of this publication.) Is this the Boko Haram of the West? Is it the “ecological cleansing” of this century to the tune of millions of people’s lives whose only fault in the eyes of the UN is that they were alive?

There are many methods being used at the present time to reduce the world population. Sadly, there are frequently new methods being generated … a new “civilized“ era of brutality against those who do not meet the requirements of those powerful purveyors of death. Here are the current and upcoming methods of “thinning out” the population:

  1. Fentanyl Pandemic - the number of people who die annually mostly of Fentanyl has risen to over 100,000 per year. ( Fentanyl originated in China and zooms over the U.S. border. We lack a President that protects the lives of US residents - the borders are not truly secure. It gives the appearance of a government at war with her people.

(China Primer: Illicit Fentanyl and China’s Role, updated December 8, 2022: Congressional Research Service.)

  1. CO-VID Pandemic - the “Fauci fiasco“ and all things CO-VID did not improve the public’s confidence in our public health officials. “Fauci made the terrible mistake of telling people no to wear masks. (“Did Fauci say not to wear Masks?” He made the excuse that healthcare workers most need them. With more than 6-1/2 million deaths, both of healthcare workers and other individuals, it is very clear that every person needed to wear a mask. Masking is obviously effective or healthcare workers would not wear them ordinarily if they were not. This “error”, intended or unintended, likely cost many people their lives. Is it true he mocked the American people by telling us to wear two masks? I did not research that. The lies, misleading statements, and lack of care in the study of vaccines is not tolerable. We were, at best, guinea pigs of this new vaccine which shows negative health consequences. There seems, as yet, no accountability. A vaccine manufacturer runs ads for this harmful shot to this day.

What is also alarming is that the origins of CO-VID seems to be most recently linked to “a research-related incident”. (An Analysis on the Origins of the CO-VID Pandemic [by the US Senate] - Interim Report: It seems to have

Started in the USA. So, once again, we have the appearance of a government at war with her own people. And what of all of the remarkable variants? Were those lab-leaks, too? When in history have so many variants of one illness occurred naturally and over such a short period of time?

  1. Abortion Pandemic - the government has done its best to reduce the population by way of abortion legislation. The number of abortions had declined but appear to increased after recent changes in laws. Nearly a million children are killed each year by a baby assassin. Is ours a government at war with her people? Abortion procurers haveeven gone so far as to petition for ‘Plan B‘ vending machines, especially at college campuses. (Source:

  2. War Pandemic and potential Nuclear WWIII Pandemic - So far it is guess-timated that the total deaths have been between 8,300 to 33,430 for the Russia - Ukraine War. (Wiki). Part of difficulties of knowing the correct figure is that no one knows what Russia’s losses are. There is a great likelihood of billions dying in the event of another World war. And certainly there would be cataclysmic damage to the world for ages to come. It is frightful to think that anyone would actually want a nuclear war. People the world over will suffer. Various nations with all of their inhabitants will be annihilated. Could anyone truly justify such brutality?

  3. PBM or Prescription Pandemic - Many people have suffered at the hands of Pharmacy Benefits Managers. According to Google - December 19, 2022 - CVS, Express Scripts, and Optus RX use PBMs for the purpose of securing lower pharmaceutical prices. In some cases, it seems to me - in my opinion - these PBMs prevent some patients from obtaining their medications, they substitute an alternative medication, and some get the medication prescribed on a timely basis. A concern is that this way of handling our prescriptions could allow people to be discriminated against. A war against our very lives … our health, is a war against the people.

  4. Food Shortage Pandemic - Various sources have revealed that there will be Upcoming Food Shortages. This is not surprising given all of the farmers that have lost their farms due to the regulations that were instituted with which they were required to comply. This really gives one the sense of a government at war with its people. It seems the food supply has been intentionally interrupted. In the Netherlands, 3,000 farms had to close due to the EU rules. It seems like the same scenario is playing out across the globe. Is this an effect of the New World Order?

(“Netherlands to close up 3000 farms to comply with EU Rules”,

There have been many, many farms to close here in the US due to financial problems. When I started to read about the farm closures, I also read that there was an army of IRS agents employed who must be prepared to use deadly force. And this was the rule given to a tax-collector? (“An Army of IRS Agents”: Would one be wrong in thinking this is a government at war with its people - causing hostile takeover of farmland? If anything, the government should protect the stability of our food sources and therefore the farmer.

In the meantime, who bought the farmland? At least at first, it seemed that it was China. (“China is Buying the Farm”: However, there may have been enacted some legislation to slow that down.

Then, it seems that Bill Gates has been scoring a great deal of farmland. (“Bill Gates is the Biggest Private Owner of Farmland in the United States,” It is not thrilling to think of the possibility of Bill in bed with China. (“Why is Bill Gates Buying Farmland? You’ll Be Surprised,”

The future of food in the USA is now speculative because this once Microsoft guru, who at least used to want to be in charge of world health, now wants to now be in charge of world food. It seemed he had no qualifications to be in charge of our health. How is he qualified to be in charge of our food? Does he have a background in Agriculture? Has he studied about the ecosystem? And what about the food he wants us to eat? What is even more speculative is the composition of the food he intends to feed the world with. He thinks that in the future all Americans should eat ‘fake meat’ … that is genetically modified food. (“Bill Gates: Rich Nations should shift entirely to Synthetic Beef,” In my opinion, it will not be healthy.

  1. Euthansia Pandemic - Governments are Euthanizing the Homeless, the depressed, and others shunned by society. (Sources: hungry, poor disabled:, sick and poor:, chronically depressed:, people who can not improve their living conditions:, psychiatric conditions:, injured military veterans:

  2. Monkeypox Pandemic - the Monkeypox pandemic was a worldwide pandemic that struck at mostly the homosexual community. (Sources:

  1. The Camel Flu Pandemic - the Camel Flu was experimented with where it was made into an aerosol a few years ago. (2018 aerosol camel flu study resource: fbclid=IwAR0yTH61uPGPNmcX2DubJKQUuH3zS9l3jFpMSDEOEBDUsWZScGbLZG7KZA4

Now the camel flu, which is about 33% deadly, is experienced in the world today and is being warned as a potential worldwide pandemic. (Resource: ).

Here are some resources for your perusal:

(“WFP Chief Raises Alarm on Potential Food Shortages in 2023,”

(“Bill Gates’ Radical Menu for Food Systems: Ultra-processed foods, patents, monocrops,”

(“Bill Gates Should Stop Telling Africans What Kind of Agriculture Africans Need,”.

(“Zealous GMO idolatry leaves Bill Gates deaf to evidence,” the

(“‘Power-hungry megalomaniac’ promoting ‘philanthrocapitalism’,

(“Your Opinions! The Science is Still out on GMO Food Safety,”

(“Scientists say new study shows pig health hurt by GMO feed,”

(“Ten Scientific Studies Prove that Genetically Modified Food Can Be Harmful to Human Health,”

Beyond the “manufacturing” efforts required food production, there are the “distribution” concerns. Namely, if there are those persons who would control the production of the food, will there be those who will dictate who can buy and what can be purchased. Those sign up for membership plans are beginning to take on the appearance of control over our food. Getting money or points back when one spends, is not really helpful if he or she is prevented from buying food or supplies In the future.

The question still remains, do we have a government that is at war with its people?

Analyzing the trends and evaluating the events of the world …

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