Being A Cyborg Means Loosing Your Mind

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  • Author Jacqueline Ghawaly
  • Published February 9, 2023
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by Jacqueline Ghawaly

January 11, 2023

Had one thought that the convenience of having the microchip sounded great, one would not be alone. There are others who feel the same. Yet, when Elon Musk (Musk YouTube video clips) said that the reality one experiences when chipped will be a false reality - one that he is allowed or programmed to believe he is experiencing - one can begin to see that suddenly one’s mind will not be his own.

At first it seemed a bit far-fetched that such an experience could be possible. However, when the WEF website featured an article entitled, “Augumented tech can change the way we live, but only with the right support and vision,” by Kathleen Philips of imec, it began to be clear that this is just the first glimpse of what the tech is capable of doing. It is being promoted as a potential for healing ADD and ADHD but in such a case it is being used as a mind-control or brainwashing vehicle over human behavior. (See article: “Do Brain Chips Really Have the Potential to Control Human Behavior? Are Microchips Safe,? for more details).

It is not only an application of mind-control and virtual reality that the chip can impose but it could be used for genocide, extinction, population control, and other political or personal goals of those in control and without consent. (These chips, it has been revealed have the potential of dispensing medication, which can be used for good or evil. The tech by itself is neutral but in giving control over one’s body to someone else, it takes on the possibility of bad consequences.) The fact is that one would not even know if he is experiencing death because that, too, will be controlled. Therefore, if one becomes a cyborg, there is the potential for great personal harm. Keep in mind that because one becomes a cyborg, he will be reprogrammable at any time and he will be hackable. One’s thoughts, ideas, and inventions have the possibility of being someone else’s intellectual property and could easily be stolen. Thus, one can easily see that in becoming a cyborg, one will loose his mind. (Is it safe to say cyborgism, at its best, is communism of the brain?)

Analyzing the trends and evaluating the events of the world …

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