The anti-corrosion Construction Method of Oil Storage Tanks

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  • Published February 12, 2023
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Oil storage tanks are very common in petroleum enterprises, and they have good oil storage functions, and they also undertake important security tasks for oil transportation. However, because of their own characteristics, oil has a certain oxidation effect. On this basis, if oil storage tanks are in the external natural environment for a long time, it is necessary to carry out practical anti-corrosion work for oil storage tanks. If the oil storage tank is corroded, it will not only cause oil leakage but also affect the development of oil enterprises. In addition, the leaked oil will also pose a threat to the nearby natural ecology. For comprehensive reasons, we need to design a scientific and reasonable anti-corrosion construction method and construction quality control strategy for the anti-corrosion work of oil storage tanks.

The anti-corrosion construction method of oil storage tank

  1. Artificial brushing of antirust materials

The most basic anti-corrosion construction method for the oil storage tank is to brush a layer of anti-rust material on the surface of the oil storage tank by hand brushing. Before painting, the staff needs to use rust removal tools to remove rust from the surface of the oil storage tank and then use rollers or brushes to evenly paint rust-proof materials on the surface of the oil storage tank. Generally speaking, this construction method can be applied to all kinds of scenes, and manual brushing can effectively control the material cost and prevent waste. However, it is worth mentioning that the efficiency of manual brushing is low, and the uniformity and strength of brushing can not be guaranteed in a balanced way. The quality of manual brushing largely depends on the professional quality of construction personnel.

  1. Use an air compressor to spray antirust materials.

Another anti-corrosion construction technology of oil storage tanks is to use an air compressor for spraying. Firstly, the air compressor is filled with anti-corrosion materials, and then the air compressor is pressurized. In this way, the pressurized anti-corrosion materials are sprayed on the oil storage tank. This anti-corrosion construction technology can cover the surface of the oil storage tank with a uniform anti-rust coating. However, during the spraying process, due to the strong pressure in the air compressor, a large amount of anti-corrosion material mist will be brought out when spraying the anti-corrosion material, which has a certain impact on the construction environment. Moreover, due to the generation of pressurized mist during the spraying process, a certain amount of coating is wasted, resulting in an increase in the use cost of the anti-corrosion material.

  1. Spray mist antirust material under high pressure.

This kind of high-pressure muzzle jet of fog material is essentially different from the fog produced in the previous article. In this way, the high-pressure gun directly strengthens the anti-corrosion material and then forms a foggy strong airflow at the moment of spraying, which acts on the surface of the oil storage tank. This high-pressure spraying method can effectively block the air and ensure the quality of the anti-corrosion material in the spraying process. From this, we can know that this construction method of high-pressure spraying mist antirust material can fully save the cost, and has little impact on the surrounding environment, as well as relatively high spraying efficiency and quality. However, in the process of spraying, construction personnel need to master the high-pressure spray gun skillfully, so as to carry out efficient construction.

Quality Control Strategy of Oil Tank Anticorrosion Construction

  1. De-rusted the surface of the oil storage tank

Before spraying anti-corrosion materials, the surface of the oil storage tank should be de-rusted and cleaned to prevent the anti-corrosion materials from being directly sprayed on the corrosion surface, which will not only fail to protect the oil storage tank from corrosion but also accelerate the internal corrosion degree. At the same time, if the cleaning work on the surface of the oil storage tank is not in place, the anticorrosive material will probably fall off in a short time after being sprayed on the surface of the oil storage tank. Therefore, before spraying, the quality of de-rusted and cleaning on the surface of the oil storage tank should be ensured, and the spraying effect should be ensured.

  1. Spray or paint antirust materials on oil storage tanks

In the process of spraying oil storage tanks, the quality and safety of anti-corrosion materials should be guaranteed, and the corresponding anti-corrosion materials should be selected according to the material types of oil storage tanks. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness and efficiency of spraying construction equipment, and ensure that there are no problems with spray guns or air compressors. Finally, the construction environment should be strictly guaranteed to prevent interference in the spraying process.

  1. Supervise and inspect the links in the construction process

Finally, it is necessary to supervise and manage all aspects of the construction of anticorrosive materials. After spraying, it is also necessary to check the spraying situation and carry out the construction work in strict accordance with the standards to ensure the quality of spraying construction.


To sum up, the anti-corrosion methods of oil storage tanks are diversified, and different anti-corrosion construction methods according to different oil storage tank materials or shapes can fully guarantee the construction quality. At the same time, we should further explore the existing anti-corrosion technologies, and design more efficient anti-corrosion technologies for oil storage tanks in combination with the actual situation, so as to improve the anti-corrosion efficiency and ensure the service quality of oil storage tanks.

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