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  • Author Mystri Olsen Naziel
  • Published February 15, 2023
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This is the Xenon Theory, which was made by me, Mystri Angel Olsen Naziel.

Before we get onto that, I'm going to brief you on a few things.

The first is DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. This is usually referred to as 'biological coding'. This means that each strand of DNA is responsible for SOMETHING, such as hair colour, nose shape, height, and even vulnerability to certain diseases.

And as 'biological coding' is it safe to say that that coding can be changed or edited? The answer is yes, yes it is.

Not too long ago, a man in Asia successfully edited the genes of two twin girls using CRISPR technology, removing the genome that allows HIV, and making them immune to the disease.

Another thing you need to understand is what the fourth dimension is, and to do that, you need to know what the dimensions are.

the first dimension is a point, a dot, and it is quite simply that. it can move forward in length, but that's it. the second dimension is height, like the x-axis in a graph. The third dimension is our dimension, so just imagine a cube. Now comes the good part: the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is time. Basically, what it is that's fourth-dimensional can travel through different states in time; picture a moving time machine, I guess.

The other thing you need to understand is that these dimensions don't (under normal circumstances) interact with each other. A one-dimensional being wouldn't EVER be able to understand a three-dimensional being. So the same thesis works between a three-dimensional object to a fourth-dimensional object

FINALLY, the good part.

In a study conducted by the University of California, Professor Allyson R. Muotri found a single gene alteration that separates modern humans from our ancestors, like the neanderthals.

This study found something different. in most cases, DNA looks like a double helix, a ladder, right?

Well, they found what looks like a literal knot.

So I researched this and found what is to be called DNA methylation. What that basically is is a process where methyl is added to DNA

It is basic information that this process contributes to brain development, and it might explain our distinctness from other mammals on our planet, from the smallest desert shrew to the biggest giraffe, with social constructs, religion, creativity, and artistical functions.

Adam Seipal, a computational biologist at Cold Spring Harbour Laboratories, says that this genome might have come from an "ancient species of human"

The catch? This specific genome has never been identified. it doesn't match up with any of our primate ancestors, so where did it come from?

Well, there's a theory I've been exploring. One where human evolution was influenced by an outside force, I began to research the reality of physics and biology in a way that is understood.

I am calling this the "Xenon Theory" as 'xenon' means foreign in ancient greek.

It is the theory that anything can be altered by an outside force without our knowledge, as long as it coincides with the theory of the fourth dimension that was created by Albert Einstein on January 27th, 2005.

This theory, as stated before, is where a third-dimensional being such as ourselves wouldn't be able to see a fourth-dimensional being

That doesn't mean they can't exist, though.

When a fourth-dimensional force enters our world, it doesn't tend to follow the same laws of physics we do.

How do I know this? Well, have you ever heard of the Google 'time crystal'?

In July 2021, Google's quantum computers created a crystal(basically, they were made by arranging atoms in a repeating pattern in space)

These time crystals baffle the science community, not just because they are fourth-dimensional, but because it is ITS OWN PHASE OF MATTER!

This is possible because the crystal is a system of atoms in an ever-changing state, never staying in the same position reliably, making it its own state of matter.

If this is possible, then, technically speaking, the fourth dimension could already be on our planet influencing us in ways we couldn't imagine!

My name is Mystri Olsen-Naziel and I've uncovered a new hypothesis on the world of science and biology that might change the world

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