Blinds installed in John Lennon's old school

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  • Author Edward Wilkinson
  • Published February 13, 2023
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Over 40 years since his untimely death, John Lennon is still one of the most famous musicians to have ever lived. His legacy will last a lifetime, and I highly doubt that any musical act will ever surpass the success of The Beatles, who reign supreme with the highest number of record sales.

John Lennon became invested in music from a young age and set up a band called The Quarrymen when he was still attending a school in Liverpool. At the time, his school was called Quarry Bank High School for Boys, which inspired the name for the group.

Lennon attended the school from September 1952 and played with that band for a number of years. Eventually, he recruited Paul McCartney and George Harrison, who did not go to the same school as Lennon.

The school has undergone a lot of refurbishment over the years and is now known as Calderstones School. Despite taking on a new name, the fame remains and the ties to Lennon stand strong.

In recent years, twelve R20 roller blinds were installed in Quarry Bank Hall, the same hall that hosted one of John Lennon's first musical performances back in the 1950s. He played to his classmates in the same school that now features Yewdale blinds.

The blinds were fitted at quite a height in the hall and needed to blend into the background, so BBS Window Blinds, with a little help from their friends at Yewdale, recommended Dart Iron fabric. Speaking about the project, BBS Window Blinds said ‘Working with Yewdale is a fantastic experience. The products are very good, better than everything else out there.'

The historic hall now has high-quality blackout blinds which enable teachers to prevent daylight from entering the hall when needed. This is very beneficial for school assemblies where light might shine in students’ eyes and produce glare.

Yewdale blinds are regularly specified for educational environments because they are durable and withstand frequent use. They are also completely child safe, making them appropriate for schools and student accommodation.

I am the copywriter at Yewdale, a producer of anti-ligature systems, commercial blinds and hospital tracks and curtains.

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