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  • Published March 23, 2023
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Believe it or not, most people probably already use Feng Shui in the interior design of their homes— as we are of the coming age. So, if you’re an up-to-date type of person, your living space should already be balanced to incorporate the natural elements of Feng Shui.

Don’t Block The Entryway

All entryways and doors should be clear from blocking elements. Remove the vacuum or anything that is behind the doorway. This doesn’t include closet spaces.

Where Do I Put My Office Desk?

No one should have their back facing the window of their office. If anything, you should be able to look outside of the window during your break.

Can I Store Objects Under My Bed?

The answer is yes, as long as they are stored in a storage container and not left out freely to accumulate dust or look unkempt.

Keep Furniture Away From The Window

Windows can collect a lot of dust and they are also where the energy from the atmosphere flows in. Keep furniture away from the windows. Try centering your living room space if you have a lot of windows.

The Elements Of Feng Shui

Earth: Represents grounding, stability, and the caring of self. The colors are yellow, orange, and brown. Square shapes bring in an earth element.

Metal: Incorporate metallics and white to this color scheme. This interior design element is meant for anyone who wants clarity, precision and depth to their daily function. Circles and spheres work best.

Water: Water represents the flowing of knowledge and wisdom. Black is the color to use if you want to accomplish this lifestyle trait. Circles and curved patterns should be used to accomplish this mood.

Fire: Try adding a pyramid, an arrow, or something triangular to your interior design. Red represents the passion and excitement of this element.

Wood: Rectangular shapes represent this element. Wood represents new beginnings and vitality. Incorporate blue and green into your home or office space.

Is Feng Shui For Everyone?

The simple answer is that Feng Shui will not be for everyone in its entirety. Some people are meant to keep only certain elements in their interior design for their personality type and desired atmosphere.

I’m a psychic medium, priestess, and life coach who specializes in romance, ancestral healing and life development.


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