How To Host An Afternoon Tea Party

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Choose at least three types of tea for your guests. Preferably, choose Grey Earl, White, and an Herbal Tea.

Tea Pot

Having a tea pot is important to the decorum of the tea party. Do not use a coffee pot, use a teapot. A quality tea pot includes an optional filter for loose leaf tea.


Offer your guests various types of sweeteners instead of only sugar. Stevia, Agave, and Splenda tend to be healthier options. Always offer honey as an option. Make sure to put the sweeteners in a decorative dish.

Table Setup

Tablecloth: white lace is always preferred because it symbolizes purity and cleanliness.

Formal Table Setup:

-Bread Plate

-Butter Knife

-Dessert Spoon

-Dessert Fork

-Napkin and Forks(Regular and Salad)

-Entrée Plate

-Dinner Knife

-Teaspoon For Sugar or Sweetener

-Tea Cup and Saucer

-Water Glass

Informal Table Setup:

-Napkin and Forks(Regular and Salad)

-Entrée Plate

-Dinner Knife

-Teaspoon For Sugar or Sweetener

-Tea Cup and Saucer

-Water Glass

Third Course(Top Tier): The third course is always the top tier. Consider this the dessert course. Tarts, mini cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are usually served on for the third course.

Second Course(Middle Tier): The middle course consists of biscuits, scones, jam, jelly, butter, and sometimes cream.

First Course(Bottom Tier): The first course is the main course. Sandwiches are usually served. Search for tea sandwiches online.

Music: Classical and contemporary music sets the mood for every tea party. Think fancy.

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