Thoughts of a Nobody

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  • Published March 20, 2023
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Thoughts of a Nobody

Why don’t we fight for anything anymore? American people use to fight for what they knew was right. At least I thought we did. I know we don’t anymore. Or we never really did and history has made it seem as though we had. I’m just a lower class nobody. I grew up poor. No one wants to listen to the poor or the lower class.

People have become sociopaths. There’s no empathy for other humans anymore if there ever was. I’m only so many years old I can’t speak for certain for the years before I existed. I only know that now people are barely human anymore. It’s what we’re taught though. We were taught in school and in work that the only way to survive in life is to have no emotion only do what gets you ahead. People are treated like they chose to be poor or lower class. Maybe some have chosen that, but what about the rest of us that didn’t choose this? We were born into it. Born into this life of abuse and no chances. Some of the lucky few get that once in a lifetime chance, most don’t. I was born into it. Between the physical abuse, mental abuse, stress of trying to be able to be under a roof without getting evicted or starving it makes it hard to focus on schoolwork without falling asleep. Then you get reprimanded for not being able to focus in school and get good grades to get out of this life. That’s a lot of stress for a child.

My mother didn’t want children she made it very clear. Her gift to us was giving us life. I don’t believe that is a gift like she thought. In fact it isn’t a gift for majority of people who weren’t meant to be here. We’re reprimanded for that to. Choices, we don’t make these choices. A lot of us had no choice in these choices. We didn’t get to see the life we’d be born into and say no that’s not for me. We didn’t get to pick the country we were born to, our physical appearance, IQ, gender, monetary status, accent, etc. Yet we are judged for it everyday since the day we’re born. Yes you will all say you understand this, but you lack so much empathy majority of the time you don’t even know you’re doing it, why you’re doing it, if it’s right or wrong because that is not even close to how you are taught to think from the very beginning, It’s not considered important compared to being cut throat and cold to be successful. If you aren’t cut throat and successful you’re worth nothing because you have nothing. Then after that you deserve nothing but the lowest forms of life. You don’t deserve money and a safe beautiful life if you aren’t ready to throw everything you believe to be good away. If you aren’t ready to lose everything that’s even worth living for. The way I see it you have two choices, be a successful sociopath or be kind and be poor.

Humans were not meant to live like this. Think before governments and these structures we have. Yes, there were many problems, but I believe there are more now. We aren’t meant to work for most of the day to barely spend time with our family. So many people can’t afford houses or babysitters. But for me having a family is what makes life worth everything, but if you choose that life, you work so much you can never be with your family. If you don’t choose that life, you work so that you can have things.

Every day I’d wake up go to work and get belittled by almost every person who came into the store. My body has gone through so much pain from standing and lifting. The mental abuse alone you must deal with from coworkers and customers is astounding. And none of you even see that you do it. Even if you do you don’t care. You’re like children that didn’t get punished enough. If you don’t think anyone can do anything about your behavior you’ll keep doing it. That’s sad that you have no restraint for yourself because you don’t try. You don’t try to think of anyone else or what they could be going through. A lot of you are just entitled. You made it in life so you get to treat everyone like garbage. And it’s just a vicious circle. Because then you have the people who try to be good and to be happy treating everyone terribly because they keep getting abused. Now everyone is being horrible. Everyone is so blind to the fact that we are set up in every way to behave like this to each other.

The whole system is messed up in multiple ways. We do nothing about it. People need to make this stop. Is this really the life you want to live? Is this the life you want your children to live? Or anyone you care about in the slightest. It’s coming to the point where all everyone who wasn’t born rich will be working most of their life. It’s said that only 1/3 of our life is spent working. I don’t believe that for one second. Forget if you want to do anything else than work because you need all that work to barely survive. If you’re born poor or lower class, it makes it almost impossible to make your way out. You can’t go to school because you must work. You can’t get a better job because you have to go to school for it. Even if you get to go to school you have to work more to pay for that school. All the while you’re being paid less than you’re worth, to only survive. Not to live, but to survive. On top of that you will be harassed by people who are not lower income because you are lower income. Your clothes, homes, cars, things, lawns are not as nice as theirs. So you get the city called on you because you can’t keep up with your lawn the way the neighbors would like because you have no time between taking care of kids and working all the time. Then after paying bills which you barely have enough money for you can’t pay someone to do any of that work. Therefore, you get harassed more for not working enough or taking care of your children enough. When does it stop? I don’t know about you, but this is not a life worth living.

So many people make it impossible for the lower class to move up. Judging us constantly.

The government, corporations, and upper class do what they want because they can. They know we won’t fight back. We don’t have the time or the money. And they like to keep it that way. You can’t even go the smarter route by buying a cheaper place to live. Why? Because they don’t want an RV, Trailer, or manufactured homes anywhere all because they don’t like the look of it. How ridiculous does that sound? So they want you buying these homes that start at 200,000 and that’s considered the low end. You can’t get into these houses because you paying over 2,000 in rent. And you can’t afford the rent because you don’t make enough. You don’t make enough because they choose to not pay enough or give you enough hours. And still, you’ll walk all over your fellow neighbor if it means barely surviving. Because it’s the only option you’re given. You put in all this effort, missing birthdays, holidays, your families lives, being mentally abused each day just to survive. Tell me there isn’t a better way? Even if you find it they find a way to take it. Solar panels can’t be put on some homes because then the electric company wouldn’t make money.

The taxes are another thing I’d like to talk about. As an average working American, I am fed up with following these taxes. All my taxes are paid. I’ve done them correctly now between the banks and the IRS they find any reason to postpone my refund. I was audited. I was told it was because I put that my children received childcare and that wasn’t the case. Turns out my paperwork was correct it was an error on the IRS’s end. I had to wait a year for MY MONEY back. Now I’ve done my taxes again this year expecting for another error. Low and behold another error. Apparently, I don’t know my own name so my check was denied. I called the IRS and everyone in between my name did match there was no error. So now the IRS is trying to find any way to keep our money. And I’ve called everyone no one will do anything about it. We are being robbed of our lives and our money. People say money doesn’t buy happiness, yet our whole life and mood does depend on it. I can’t even get the motivation to get out of bed anymore. What’s the point? We’re being robbed of our life and our humanity even our happiness. Why are we letting this happen? Why are we letting them do this to us? Our fight is gone. We do nothing to fix this. Why because we don’t have the time? Because we’re worked into the ground. We are harassed and belittled. They know we won’t do anything and that is why it won’t stop. I don’t know about you but this is not the life I want. I want my kids and to be able to play with them and laugh with them. I want to create memories with my family. There are so many things wrong with the way we live.

Schools are designed only to make us the best possible workers. Even though studies show that you can learn more and retain better from less work and more time outside. Yet we are brainwashed into believing it is the best place for our children. Even if you don’t believe you don’t have the time or money to provide a better education. It is widely known that this is not even the best form of education and we still do nothing about it. The food provided by the schools isn’t even healthy compared to other countries. Other countries depreciate America for this as if we had the choice. The obesity and the education. They are right in the sense that this needs to change. Children are bullied everyday in our schools. They commit suicide younger and younger now. And more suicides are being caused by bullying. The teachers are underpaid and tormented. Teachers are not motivated to teach anymore. Nobody has any motivation to do the right thing because it doesn’t pay the bills to do the right thing. We’re not even taught history correctly. Our history taught in school has been a lie to make everyone believe we’re this amazing country. They say “those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” Well then, we are doomed for we are not taught the correct history. We will always be doomed to repeat it because we do not know all the facts therefore it will keep happening.

Society encourages all of this. All of us would like to say we don’t care what people think, but even if you truly don’t you will still be punished for not doing what is expected. And what is expected doesn’t even make much sense in why it’s even being done, but the people who question that will pay for it. America is not great anymore and I’m not even sure it ever was.

Laws. How is it helping the American people by telling women what they can’t do with their bodies? When did laws stop protecting us from serious threats and start being used to control everything we do? We’ve started using laws to bully people into doing what society wants instead of protecting us from harm.

Healthcare is only provided to those who pay or can’t get treatment until they are on the verge of dying.

Higher Education is only provided if you can pay now or spend a good part of your life paying it back. Or if you can even afford to be in extracurricular activities to get a scholarship. We the people are drowning and we’re doing nothing about it. We are letting them drown us.

Taxes you are not taught how to do taxes correctly or given much information on your taxes and they are quick to take your money, but don’t want to give it back.

Wages our pay went up and so did the cost of everything. It was getting advertised during covid that all the pay was going up because they needed workers. As the pay went up so did everything else. If you compare your pay before covid and the price of necessities it seems as though we were actually better off before. Now we’re getting a higher wage and the price of everything has skyrocketed. So, have those corporations helped? Not really even though they are basking in the praise for raising wages only to disregard the fact they made the prices of their products astronomical. We the people are suffering from this. It is known that we are suffering and they are doing nothing because we aren’t an important asset. They sit in their ivory towers pretending to understand how we feel and that they are doing something about it, and they are not! When will we make this stop? This system is wrong, and we should be upset we should be angry. There should not be laws on how we live our lives because others simply don’t like it.

We don’t need to hear from these politicians, corporations, wealthy people, News reporters anymore. The lower class and the poor need to be heard. All the others are told what to say and paid to say it. The truth about how messed up this world is needs to be heard. We deserve a chance a real chance. We’re not given real chances. We have to fight tooth and nail for years to even make a dent. They know all of this, and we see all of this, and it continues to happen. We must stop letting this happen.

Other countries are right about us being obese, uneducated, and uncultured. We are because we don’t have a chance to be anything but. We have a president that can’t even make a coherent sentence. I don’t believe our votes even matter anymore. Because we let them ignore us because we are exhausted and berated until we feel like we can’t make a change. Even if we wanted to leave this country and find something better, we can’t. We don’t have the money. It always comes back to money. We need our humanity and empathy to be able to change things. We’re being ruled by psychopaths and sociopaths so of course we believe that’s how we should be. But the true heroes the ones who made actual differences for the better had empathy. You all laugh at this now like it’s a fault. You also yearn for it to have someone to understand. We’re brainwashed into believing it’s the best way. It’s not there is something extremely wrong with this world. It is rewarded to knock people down, talk down to them, brag about objects that you have, objects you own and people you own. We treat children like they are owned, and they owe us. They don’t owe us. We chose to have them in our life to make a family. They didn’t choose to be here to be seen and not heard.

We are already struggling and having people with means stepping on us while we struggle. With their foot on us they say something along the lines of you should work harder. When does this end? How did it get to these people being in charge of all of us? What is so wrong about wanting to just live. Why can’t we have the choice to not be a part of this? To have those little societies where we barter, grow our own food, get our own water, our own electricity and help each other. We do have that choice, but at least once person has to spend their whole life working for it just to give their family a chance. Then they find ways to take that from us. Some of us don’t want to be in this rat race. We don’t even need these extravagant things. Just a chance to live our life and to be with our loved ones. I know people are going to laugh at this and mock it. They are going to find holes and reasons as to why it’s not possible to change. But it is possible it starts with taking a stand. I also know there are people out there who are lazy and don’t want to do anything for themselves. There are also people who fight every day to keep their head above water and no matter how much they fight everyday they will have to spend the one life they get fighting until the day they die. I’m not saying to physically fight, but to stand up and make it change.

I'm not an Author or an Expert. I just felt like this needed said.

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