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  • Author Sydnie Bella Elise Goodman
  • Published April 30, 2023
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School Uniforms

Should schools have uniforms? The origin of school uniforms go way back, to about 16th Century England when the impoverished “charity children” at Christ’s Hospital boarding school started wearing blue cloaks, along with yellow stockings. We should not wear uniforms because they could be sexist, have no creativity, and effect one’s self image.

If kids are in uniforms that aren’t fit to how they see themselves, their self image could be ruined! Kids shouldn’t be forced into something every morning that they don’t even want to be in. Children and or teens should be able to wear what they want because there will be no problem with self expression! If the school board is so busy focusing on the kids wearing the correct uniforms, they won’t be paying attention to finding solutions to problems in education.

Uniforms can be sexist. According to “Renews” in an article called “School uniforms are sexist and uncomfortable: new research” it states, "Students are often made to wear school uniforms that leave them too hot in summer, too cold in winter and are physically restrictive for girls.” In another article called “School Dress Codes Perpetuate, Sexism, Racism, and Transphobia” by Haley Harnett, she states “My teachers and peers should not be uncomfortable by my shoulders. My teacher and peers should not look at me as a sexual object. Dress codes also serve as a mechanism to impose gender norms that harm students, especially those that are non-binary or transgender!” If children cannot be happy in their own bodies, then how can they focus on school work?

When children wear uniforms, there is often no creativity! A common argument against school uniforms is that they take away a students right to express themselves through their sense of style, creativity, and culture. This is a big part of one’s mental ability to feel happy. If children cannot be creative with what they wear, how will they feel? School boards should be focusing more on the students and not what they wear. A lot of times I often see kids get dress-coded, and if kids get dress-coded and half go home and change, that takes away time from their learning hours!

In conclusion, we should not wear uniforms. If children are forced to wear uniforms their self expressionism through clothing is neglected by the school board. This could lead to them feeling insignificant or not wanted.

Hi, I'm Sydnie Goodman! A 7th grader who wrote this article for my teacher because were studying Augmentative Essay Writing in school! This subject ended becoming a more touchy topic than I thought! I hope you enjoy it!!

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