What problems should be paid attention to when wearing crystals?

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Crystals, in addition to decoration, also have certain functions and effects, such as improving luck, strengthening fortune, and even helping to keep people's spirits happy and bodies healthy. To play the role of crystals, some things should be paid attention to when wearing crystals, and the daily maintenance of crystals should not be neglected. There are quite a few requirements for wearing crystals, let's take a look at them.

The implications and effects of different colored crystals

White crystal (quartz crystal)

Because of purity and transparency, white crystal is always regarded as a symbol of "purity." Wearing can help memory, expand potential, improve health, gather energy, and also can purify negative effects around, change feng shui.


Amethyst represents romance, affinity. It can help thinking, improve sleep quality, have a calming and sedative effect, treat insomnia and headaches, can also eliminate arrogance, bring wealth, enhance tolerance and receptiveness.

Rose quartz

Pink, representing affinity, mainly love. Rose quartz has the magical power of love, it can improve your love luck, promote happy marriages, and help you build wide relationships.

Smoky quartz

Represents stability and tranquility. It can make you more stable and down-to-earth, for men its enhancement of sexual function is significant, for women, it can also balance blood stasis.


Can help realize wishes, build friendships, among which red and green tourmaline has strong energy, it can bring wealth to you, crowning business success, and also enhance handling ability and self-confidence.


Strongly exorcises and resolves negative energy, can treat daydream, balance anxiety. Suitable for spiritually sensitive, weak and insomnia patients. Wearing obsidian can help improve vitality.


It is a symbol of faith, loyalty, friendship and chastity. It can increase confidence, resist melancholy. Garnet can also strengthen vitality, benefit reproductive systems and related organs, reduce gynecological diseases, promote regenerative ability and blood circulation, beautification and rejuvenation.

What should be paid attention to when wearing crystals?

Why crystals need to be clear-overshadowed

Because the magnetic field and energy of crystals have memory function, they will remember the magnetic field of people who have contacted them, and crystals will also easily attract negative energy over time if used for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to clear-overshadow crystals when buying new crystals before use. Crystals that people wear themselves also need to be regularly clear-overshadowed.

How long does it take to clear-overshadow crystals?

Usually 3-5 hours is enough, it is recommended that the clear-overshadowing time should be more than 3 hours.

Methods to clear-overshadow crystals

Mineral water soaking method: Buy a new mineral water bottle and take a glass cup or ceramic bowl to soak the crystals for 24 hours. It can balance the negative energy of crystal stones.

Sunlight cleansing and purifying method: Just put the crystal stones in a place exposed to direct sunlight, such as window sills and verandas; irradiation time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Moonlight, starlight irradiation method: Every lunar mid-autumn night, put the crystal stones on the balcony or window sill to accept moonlight irradiation overnight.

More clear-overshadowing methods: Exorcism salt soaking method, exorcism salt burial method, crystal cluster purification method, natural cleansing and purifying method, clear-overshadowing tool clear-overshadowing.

What will happen if crystals are not clear-overshadowed?

Crystals absorb a lot of magnetic field effects during processing, so if they are worn without clear-overshadowing and purification, it is possible that this crystal ornament may bring us moodiness, irritability and hesitation.

What should be paid attention to when wearing crystals for the first time?

It is best to clear-overshadow and purify crystals before the first wear to avoid contamination with other people's impurities, which may affect its luck development. Opening light is also needed to increase vital energy. In addition, choose the appropriate time to wear according to your birth chart and destiny.

Crystals should be touched as little as possible by others. Once touched by others, it will input unsuitable frequencies or negative energy for you, which will affect the effect.

Do not place crystals near electrical appliances, unless you use crystals to absorb radiation, otherwise the functions of crystals will be greatly reduced and the hue will deepen under radiation influence.

Natural crystals are rare minerals formed by special magnetic fields, so they have special piezoelectric effects. After contacting the human body, they will produce a weak electromagnetic field. Such a magnetic field can stabilize mood, concentrate body energy. The so-called master-servant relationship is that crystal ornaments have been worn for a long time and have formed a certain degree of compatibility with the human magnetic field. If a new person wears it, it may need an adjustment period.

The taboo of wearing crystals

How many categories of crystals can be worn at most on the body?

In general, wearing up to three or three crystals on one hand is good, and wearing up to four crystals at most is not allowed.

Do crystals need to be removed when bathing at night?

It is best not to wear crystals when bathing at night, to avoid damage to crystals, as it is easy to bump into or pull the delicate fragile crystals when bathing, which can cause breakage. If damaged, it will be more troublesome.

Can crystals be worn while sleeping?

If sleeping with crystal ornaments, they may rub against the body; if wearing a crystal pendant, they may strangle the body, causing nightmares. From these aspects, it is not recommended to wear at night. On the other hand, crystals can help improve sleep quality, such as black tourmaline, amethyst, moonstone, aguamarine, rhodochrosite, etc. can be worn at night. However, crystals with very strong energy such as rutile quartz are not suitable for wearing at night. In addition, pregnant women, children, physically weak people are not suitable for wearing crystals at night.

Which hand should crystals be worn on?

Crystals are basically divided into two types: radiating crystals and absorbing crystals. Based on the principle of left entry and right exit, wearing absorbing crystals on the right hand can help absorb negative energy, impurities and even negative luck. Wearing radiating crystals on the left hand, wearers can absorb crystal energy to purify body energy.

Black crystals are all absorbing crystals, suitable for wearing on the right hand, such as obsidian, black tourmaline, onyx, etc. Many radiating crystals belong to this type, such as increasing wisdom amethyst, bringing flowers Rose Quartz, the king of energy rutile quartz, wealth green phantom crystal, citrine, etc. They are all worn on the left hand.

Crystals suitable for different groups

Girls: white quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, green phantom crystal, smoky quartz.

Men: green phantom crystal, rutile quartz, obsidian.

Children: rock Crystal, amethyst.

Middle-aged and elderly: rock Crystal, smoky quartz, red / yellow / green / copper rutile quartz.

Daily maintenance methods of natural crystals

Wipe crystal ornaments with clean soft cloth after wearing to keep its original luster.

Do not let crystals contact chemicals and other objects containing chemicals.

Crystals are fragile, please handle crystals gently and do not overload to avoid damage. Keep away from high temperatures.

Do not pile up crystal ornaments on top of each other to avoid collision and scratches on the surface of the crystals.

When not wearing crystal ornaments for a long time, please store them in a separate package box or soft cloth bag.

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