The first garden centre in the UK to sell and support pre-loved fashion

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  • Published June 21, 2023
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De Beers Garden Centre based in Kidderminster is leading the way in sustainability by becoming one of the first garden centres in the UK to support pre-loved fashion by introducing Live for Tweed as into their business.

This move marks an important step forward in their commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices in the industry. With pre-loved clothing, De Beers Garden Centre is demonstrating that even the most traditional of businesses can embrace sustainable practices.

De Beers Garden Centre has been a prominent fixture in the UK gardening industry since 2008. Determined to inject some colour into the local area. Their flagship gardening store, Fuschiavale Nurseries, has been our pride and joy for the last 10 years, and as we have expanded, so has our expertise.

With a focus on providing top-quality plants and garden supplies to customers across the country, the centre has always been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. In recent years, however, De Beers Garden Centre has begun to place a renewed emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. This has led to a number of exciting initiatives and partnerships, including a partnership with Live for Tweed.

This move marks a crucial step forward in their commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices in the industry. With pre-loved clothing, De Beers Garden Centre is demonstrating that even the most traditional of businesses can embrace sustainable practices.

Live for Tweed is a family run business with a goal to save tweed garments of all types from being discarded in landfills. We oppose the concept of fast fashion, believing that well-crafted garments should stand the test of time, which is why we do our part to extend the life of these articles of clothing by bringing them back to life.

The importance of sustainability in the gardening industry

The gardening industry plays a significant role in promoting and preserving the environment. From growing plants to maintaining outdoor spaces, gardeners have the power to contribute positively to the health of the planet. That's why sustainability should be a top priority for every gardening business.

One way that garden centres can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability is by promoting pre-loved clothing. Many gardeners rely on durable, functional clothing that can withstand the demands of outdoor work. By shopping pre-loved with Live for Tweed, gardeners can reduce their impact on the environment by giving new life to garments that might have otherwise gone to waste.

Sustainability is about more than just reducing waste, though. It's also about minimizing the carbon footprint of the gardening industry. By embracing sustainable practices like promoting pre-loved clothing, garden centres like De Beers are leading the way towards a greener, healthier planet. So the next time you're in the market for gardening clothes, consider the impact your choices have on the environment and opt for pre-loved clothing.

Introducing Live for Tweed Concession at De Beers Garden Centre

Live for Tweed has operated for just over 12 months within De Beers Garden Centre with high volume sales and it is especially noteworthy, as it offers a variety of rugged and stylish clothing options for gardening enthusiasts. From waterproof jackets to tweed coats, customers can find the perfect outfit for their outdoor adventures at a fraction of the price of buying new ones. And with sustainability at the forefront of our values, De Beers Garden Centre is proud to offer this eco-friendly shopping option to its customers.

Not only is shopping pre-loved clothing a sustainable option, but it can also help reduce textile waste. In the UK, approximately 350,000 tonnes of clothing end up in landfills every year, which has a significant impact on the environment. By shopping pre-loved, we can reduce this waste and make a positive impact on the planet.

Live for Tweed has initiated the Pre-Loved Fashion revolution and to extend its reach to UK garden centres by becoming a stockist.

Although the idea has met with resistance due to the loyalty to brand new clothing, De Beers Garden Centre is leading the way with their sustainable practices. Pre-loved clothing from this garden centre offers numerous advantages including eco-friendliness, affordability, durability, and style. We hope that, given the increasing cost of living and environmental concerns, more garden centres will embrace this initiative and join De Beers in their journey towards sustainability.

Live for Tweed are not just a stockist they have been featuring at The RHS Malvern Spring Festival for the past four years, impressing and inspiring a myriad of gardeners with their remarkable garments. Consequently, the business has gained a great many returning customers over the years.

Live for Tweed are offering invitations to UK garden centres to become stockists of pre-loved clothing. Despite facing opposition due to loyalty to new clothing, De Beers Garden Centre is pioneering sustainability. If you are a garden centre looking to embrace pre-loved fashion, then please send us an email at and request an information pack as Live for Tweed would really like to hear from you.

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