How to choose natural crystal jewelry?

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Some say crystal symbolizes pure and selfless motherly love, some say crystal embodies pure and loyal love, the "crystal love". In any case, we can see from here that people keep very beautiful feelings for crystal. Crystal jewelry is also liked by consumers, how to choose natural crystal jewelry? This is a problem that everyone is very concerned about. Here, we will understand the 4 steps of choosing natural crystal jewelry.

What is crystal?

Crystal is a perfect one-crystal quartz stone, its purity like ice makes people believe that it hides divine spirits. The Gibé people made it into spheres and used it to predict good and bad fortune. Of course, this is just people's beautiful imagination. Crystals with gem value are all produced in volcanic rock, orthogneiss, limestone and shale caverns. Crystal can be used for rings, necklaces, crystal balls, and also used to make carvings. The meaning of crystal is also beautiful, representing love pink crystal, elegant purple crystal, rainbow crystal for wishes fulfillment, yellow crystal with majestic demeanor, can make your temperament change instantly.

Varieties of crystal jewelry

Crystal necklace

Crystal necklaces as jewelry are made up of crystal and metal parts. Generally divided into amethyst necklaces, yellow crystal necklaces, white crystal necklaces, green crystal necklaces, smoky necklaces, pink crystal necklaces, black crystal necklaces, and natural crystal necklaces. When wearing crystal necklaces, you should match according to your skin color, clothing, fabric and the color of other jewelry on your body, so as to showcase the perfect crystal with your perfect. You will achieve unexpected effects.

Crystal bracelet

Crystal bracelets are one of the popular jewelry at present. Wearing natural crystal bracelets has spiritual effects, can open fortune and help wealth, wearing it often has unexpected effects. There are crystal bracelets that symbolize wisdom like amethyst, yellow crystal bracelets that help wealth, tea crystal bracelets for tranquility, pink crystal bracelets that symbolize happy love. We recommend choosing according to your own complexion and color of clothes you often wear for reference matching.

Crystal earrings

Crystal earrings also have an irreplaceable role in enhancing women's charm. Exquisite carving, ingenious design, exquisite craftsmanship to create classic heirlooms crystal earrings, make you emanate feminine charm, drive the male around you crazy with fascination. Choose an crystal earrings that you like and go wild, bring a touch of color to this dull life.

Crystal brooch

Pins are one of the decorative accessories used by modern women. Wearing a suit with an enamel, shape and color matched with the outfit can give a fashionable sense of "finish up", and better show womanly grace and charm.

Four steps to choose crystal jewelry

Crystal is favored by many beauty lovers, but has also given rise to many unscrupulous businessmen who often sell inferior goods for profits. And ordinary people are easy to confuse crystal with other materials when buying crystal, so they cannot buy the crystal jewelry they really like. So how to distinguish crystal and ordinary glass? Here are a few tricks:

First, listen

Tap with the middle finger, the sound of ordinary glassware is relatively dull "pap pap" sound, and the sound of crystal vessels is crisper, with a metallic "ding ding" sound, the higher the hardness of the crystal, the louder the sound.

Second, luster

Compare in the sunlight, high-quality crystal refracts colorful light colors vividly and smoothly, while glass reflects incomplete colors and lackluster. The transparency under natural light, high-quality crystal has high transparency and shows crystal clear white, while ordinary glass or impure crystal yellows or has blue.

Third, veins

For crystals of the same color, the craftsmanship of the veins is higher, the finer and more complex veins are formed in a small area, the higher the value. Hand feel, hand-carved surfaces have a rough feel, while machine-carved surfaces are smooth.

Fourth, use

Due to the hardness of crystal far higher than ordinary glass, it is rarely stained after long-term use, while glass will be easily scratched and stained after repeated use. After distinguishing clearly, you need to carefully check whether the whole product is intact, whether there are defects and flaws on the surface, whether the surface is smooth and fine.

Method of judging crystal

There are many places of origin for crystal, most crystal comes from Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa and so on, mainly Brazil.

Yellow crystal

Yellow crystal is the upper grade of orange yellow, the less ice fractures and cotton in the crystal, the better, the yellower the better. The price is often determined by its color, purity and appearance.

Origin: Brazil, Madagascar.


The less ice fractured cotton there is in the crystal, the better. Amethyst shows different shades of purple due to its different places of origin and colors, so natural amethyst purple ranges from the lightest pale purple to very rich deep purple, colorful ones are best.

Origin: Brazil, South Africa, Uruguay.


The less ice fractured cotton there is in the crystal, the better. Aquamarine belongs to a variety of much ice fractured, except for faces, others generally have ice fractured cotton, red, blue and green colors are good, and without blackening, the more colorful the higher the value.

Origin: Brazil, some African countries, with extremely small output in Xinjiang.


Common garnets are red and orange-red series. The red ones are mainly dark red, some red with purple, belong to varieties with much ice fractured cotton, bracelets and necklaces generally have ice fractured cotton. The crystals are good, with purple, or vivid colors are best.

Origin: Brazil, India, Mozambique, China.

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