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Natural crystal is a crystallized mineral made of quartz, which is the purest gem in the world. Crystal gathers the essence of heaven and earth, is transparent and colorful, and has a certain positive energy. So when buying and wearing crystal jewelry, you first need to understand which crystal is suitable for yourself, and pay attention to how to wear crystal, how to maintain and demagnetize crystal.

How crystal is formed

The crystal is mainly composed of silicon dioxide, with the chemical formula SiO2. In mineralogy, it belongs to the quartz family. For thousands of years, crystal has been regarded by statesmen and gentlemen all over the world as a symbol of resilience, purity and kindness because of its purity, transparency and hardness.

The formation conditions of the crystal are more stringent than ordinary quartz. First of all, there must be a sufficient and relatively stable growth space; secondly, there must be silicon-rich hydrothermal solutions that are slightly alkaline and low in salinity; thirdly, a low-high temperature (160 0C-400 0C) and medium-high pressure (2-3 atmospheres); fourthly, a certain growth time is required to form crystal.

Crystals often occur in the form of clusters or cavities, among which crystal caves generally exist in the lava flows of volcanic eruptions. The gases and hydrothermal corrosion during volcanic eruptions cause a large number of pores in the rock layers. When silicon-rich fluid enters the thin lava cavities and the temperature and pressure conditions are suitable, crystals such as crystals will be precipitated.

Types of crystal

Crystals are basically divided into two major categories, radio crystals and absorbing crystals. Radioactive crystals belong to high frequency crystals. They can emit energy to attract and obtain some magnetic fields, such as amethyst for career, citrine for wealth and quartz for health, all of which belong to radioactive crystals. As for absorbing crystals, they belong to low frequency crystals and their function is to absorb and concentrate some energy, such as pink quartz related to love and obsidian for blocking trouble, which belong to this category.

Absorbing crystals:

Amethyst, Jade, Fluorite, Jade, Moonstone, Peridot, Pink Quartz, Chrysoberyl, Lapis Lazuli, Schorlite, Lapis Lazuli, White or transparent Calcite, Aquamarine, Kunzite etc.

Radioactive crystals:

Amber, Citrine, Clear quartz, yellow quartz, Garnet, Rainbow quartz, Tiger's eye, Phantom Quartz, Aquamarine Green, Red Line, Carnelian, Zircon, Yellow Calcite, Black Jade, Yellow Jade, Obsidian and so on.

Wearing method and emphasis of crystal

Principle of wearing crystal

Generally the power of crystal is left in and right out, In addition, you also need to see whether the gem itself belongs to radio or absorbing energy. If it is absorbing energy, it should be worn on the left hand, such as titanium crystal, citrine, phantom quartz people generally use it to seek wealth, it is recommended to wear on the left hand; If it is radioactive should wear on the right hand, such as tea crystal, white crystal...which can help release negative magnetic field, it is recommended to wear on the right hand. Radioactive crystals can emit energy to attract some magnetic fields. Absorbing crystals can absorb and concentrate some energy. Put the crystal on the cluster at night to release bad energy, and clean the crystal regularly.

Emphasis of wearing crystal

Q: Can crystal be worn with gold, silver and jade?

A: Yes, they will not conflict with each other, even from an aesthetic perspective. But pay attention to these small problems, gold and silver chains and crystal chains should not be worn on the same hand, which will affect the gold and silver, because the energy of the crystal is large, it is easy to cause discoloration of gold and silver. Crystal and jade worn on the same hand is okay.

Q: When cannot wear crystal?

A: Generally speaking, do not wear crystal to hospital, cemetery and other places, you can take it off and put it in your pocket. Because crystal will absorb surrounding energy, especially clear crystal is easy to be contaminated, and there is more negative energy in these places. Even black obsidian with disease eliminating effects needs to be cleaned after coming back from those dirty places.

Q: Can crystal be touched or tried on by others?

A: In general, it is best not to let others touch your crystal randomly, crystal gathers similar things. If you want career, wearing phantom quartz touched by a successful businessman, the crystal has a memory body to record the other's good energy, which helps fortune. On the contrary, crystal becomes stagnant after being touched by unsuccessful people, it should be rinsed immediately, meaning purified here.

Q: Can you wear crystal while sleeping?

A: Do not wear while sleeping. First, some crystals have the ability to absorb negative energy to protect the wearer, and need to demagnetize and purify the negative energy absorbed during the day at night. Second, when people sleep soundly, they enter the state of subconscious activity, and the sensitivity of perception may increase relatively at this time, the energy of crystal gems may become abnormally strong, causing an overly rapid response of the nervous system, which is not good for the body.

Distinguish natural crystal

  1. Look with eyes: Natural crystal will always have some impurities during its formation due to environmental influences, so when observing in the sun, you can see faint and uniform fine transverse lines or lymphatic substances. While artificial crystal is mainly made by smelting dregs and glass flakes through grinding and simulation imitation, without uniform stripes and lymphatic substances.

  2. Lick with tongue: Even in the scorching summer of three summers, when you lightly lick the surface of natural crystals with your tongue, you will still feel cold and cool. Fake crystal has no such feeling.

  3. Use light: When natural crystal is placed upright in the sun, it emits beautiful light no matter what angle you look at it. Fake crystal can not.

Hardness: Natural crystal is hard. When scratched lightly with broken stones on crystal, there will be no traces; If there is a stripe, it is a fake crystal.

  1. Check with Polaroid: When rotating 360 degrees under the Polaroid, natural crystal will have four lighting and shading changes. If there is no change, it is a fake crystal.

  2. Use magnifying glass: When carefully examined under a ten times magnifier under transmitted light , there will basically be bubbles if it is determined to be fake.

  3. Use heat sensor to detect: Adjust the thermal sensor to green 4 grids to test the crystal. Natural crystal can rise to yellow 2 grids.while fake crystal does not rise. When the area is large, it will rise to yellow one grid.

Tips for buying crystals

  1. Look at the selection: Products made of chosen high-quality crystals should not see star-like, hazy and flock distributions of air-liquid inclusions. Pure texture, luster and glossiness are good. If deep and shallow fractures, spots that are found, it belongs to inferior goods

  2. Look at workmanship:Crystal products are processed in two ways: grinding and sculpture. Crystal necklaces, bracelets and earrings belong to grinding products; figurines, painted snuff bottles belong to carved products. A well-made crystal product should be exquisite and delicate, not only able to fully show the external beauty of the crystal product (shape, pattern, symmetry, etc.), but also maximize its internal beauty (glossy, smart color).

  3. Look at polishing:The level of polishing directly affects the value of crystal products. During processing of crystal, it must be polished with carborundum, rough production will leave abrasion marks on the crystal surface. Good crystal products naturally have better transparency and luster, Fire tip enough" by colloquialism.

  4. Look at eyelet:For crystal products with perforation (such as necklaces, bracelets, Buddhist beads), look at whether the eyelet is straight, the uniformity of the hole size, and the absence of fine cracks. The eyelet wall must be clear and transparent, without "white spots".

  5. Look at color: Even among crystals of the same category, the texture, color and patterns of different parts are different. For single-color ones, the color concentration should be uniform; For those with deep and shallow colors in the same piece of crystal, the color and pattern should be aesthetic and generous.

  6. Look for coordination: When buying crystal jewelry, you should try it on to see if the size, tightness and length are suitable. For embedded items, see if they are firmly and regularly coordinated. Also pay attention to whether the style, color and shape of crystal jewelry coordinate with your figure, skin, face shape and clothes.

How to maintain crystal jewelry

Daily maintenance of crystal:

  1. Please do not wear jewelry when taking a bath, washing dishes or swimming, and if not cleaned properly, chemical substances (such as bath gel, cleanser etc.) will be attached to the crystal surface.

  2. Please remember to wear jewelry after using cosmetics

  3. Normally when not wearing, put the jewelry in a sealed jewelry box or velvet bag to avoid prolonged exposure to humid air or direct sunlight, which can cause oxidation and blackening upon contact with air.

  4. Jewelry can be wiped with a clean soft cloth after wearing to maintain its unique luster. Apply light force when dusting crystals to avoid scratching the crystal.

  5. Do not use water, wet wipes or any jewelry cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners when cleaning, in order to avoid discoloration and oxidation.

  6. Crystals are fragile, pay attention to preventing dropping and high temperatures. Proper care and storage can ensure that your jewelry stays beautiful and lustrous forever.

How to demagnetize and purify crystal

Sunlight demagnetization and cleaning method

Cleaning method: Just put the crystal in a place where it can be directly irradiated by sunlight, such as the windowsill and balcony, etc.; The irradiation time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour.


  1. Crystals will produce a focusing effect under sunlight, and there is a risk of fire if paper or other combustible objects are placed near the crystal.

  2. However, if the color elements of crystals contain copper and iron, they are not suitable for this type of cleaning method, because under prolonged sunlight irradiation, oxidation will occur, causing discoloration of the crystals. The color elements containing copper and iron include red or purple crystals.

Moonlight and starlight irradiation method

Cleaning Method:Every full moon night in the lunar calendar, and that night is the time when the moonlight is particularly strong, which is the best time to shine the stones, the method of shining stones is very simple, just put the crystals in the balcony or windowsill to receive moonlight for one night,which can achieve the effect of purifying the crystals. In addition, you can also put it on the balcony to absorb the essence of the stars on a night when the sky is clear and full of stars. In addition to the full moon night, you can also choose the days before and after the full moon, which are also suitable for this type of shining method.


If you are irradiating purple or red crystals, please remember to take the crystal back before noon the next day, otherwise the intense sunlight during the day will affect the color of the crystal and cause discoloration.

Sea salt soaking method

Cleaning method: Put the crystal in a cup of salted water made with a suitable amount of sea salt (or coarse salt), soak for three to four hours to dissolve the magnetic field around the crystal.


1.If the crystal is set in a metal object to make jewelry such as rings, pendants, etc., please disassemble the crystal from the metal object first before soaking in the salt water, otherwise it will affect the color and luster of the metal object.

  1. Please note that this type of cleaning method may change the contents of the crystal after cleaning.

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