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Classification of crystals

According to color

Crystals can be divided into colored crystals and colorless crystals. Purple, yellow, pink, green and blue are colored crystals, while black, milky white, brown and colorless are colorless crystals.

According to the inclusions in the crystals

They can be divided into shaped crystals and component crystals. Shaped crystals refer to hair crystals, moss crystals, bubble crystals and scenery crystals. Component crystals, as the name suggests, have different mineral components in the crystals, which may be mixed with tourmaline, mica, cinnabar and other mineral components. Rabbit hair crystals and phantom crystals are representatives.

According to special optical effects

Under the influence of light refraction, reflection, interference and diffraction, some crystals will produce cat's eye effect (cat's eye crystals), starlight effect (star crystals) and rainbow effect (rainbow crystals). Typical representatives are starlight crystal and gold hair crystal.

According to the formation method

Crystals can be divided into natural crystals, synthetic crystals and molten crystals. Natural crystals are crystals formed by the movement of the earth's crust in nature. Simply put, they are a kind of mineral with limited production. Synthetic crystals and molten crystals are artificially made. The difference is that molten crystals do not have the crystal characteristics of crystals themselves, so most molten crystals are made into daily products such as fruit plates and crystal glasses.

According to efficacy and function

According to efficacy and function, crystals can be basically divided into two categories: radiative crystals and absorbent crystals. Radiative crystals belong to high frequency crystals, which can radiate energy to attract and win some magnetic fields. For example, green ghosts related to career, purple-yellow crystals in charge of money, and bone marrow crystals related to health belong to radiative crystals. Absorbent crystals belong to low frequency crystals, whose role is to absorb and condense some energy. For example, pink crystals related to love and black obsidian that block gossip belong to this category.

Absorbent crystals:

Amethyst, jade, fluorite, jade, moonstone, olive stone, pink crystal, azure blue stone, lapis lazuli, shoujucun stone, blue agate, white or transparent calcite, cyanite, peacock stone, etc.

Radiative crystals:

Amber, citrine, white crystal, yellow crystal, garnet, hair crystal, tiger's eye, green phantom, bi xi, red vein, red agate, dongling stone, golden yellow calcite, black agate, yellow jade, black obsidian, etc.

Common crystal types introduction

White crystal

Transparent and pure white crystals are one of the magical gifts of the earth. In the whole crystal family, white crystals have the widest distribution and the largest number. Generally speaking, white crystal is quartz. We call the opaque ones quartz and the transparent ones white crystals. It has extremely strong positive ability for Buddha, evil resistance, blocking evil and suppressing inn. It has extremely strong effect in clearing negative energy.

The natural shapes of white crystals are quite diverse, including the most common blocky, hexagonal columnar, columnar clusters, overlapping bone-shaped growth, etc. Most white crystals contain inclusions such as ice cracks and clouds. Completely transparent white crystals are rare (directly cut and polished from large original ores) and expensive on the market. There are many counterfeits (especially white crystal balls), so be very careful when buying.

White crystal is transparent and colorless, crystal clear and white, representing balance and perfection.

Crystal spirituality

White crystals produce continuous and stable vibration in light, so they are particularly helpful in clarifying the mind, enhancing memory and understanding. However, they should be avoided near the bed, otherwise they tend to cause insomnia.

The white crystal pendants have the most balanced energy and can best exert the function of "protecting peace". They are the best as "protective charms" and "peace charms".

Placing small crystal clusters on or around electronic products such as computers, TVs and microwave ovens can reduce their radiation and protect the human body from too much interference from electromagnetic waves.

Yellow crystal

The hardness of yellow crystal is 7. Gem-level yellow crystals are extremely rare. Orange-yellow ones are top grade. Its energy vibration frequency affects the solar plexus, belongs to the rational body, is in charge of wealth, and can create unexpected wealth.

The chemical formula of citrine is SiO2, the crystal system is hexagonal, the hardness is 7, the specific gravity is 2.60, the refractive index is 1.54-1.55, and the producing area is Brazil.

Citrine is called "crystal yellow gemstone" in the gemstone industry. Its color ranges from light yellow, yellow, orange yellow to golden yellow. As long as it is transparent and lustrous, it is of high quality. It is far more transparent than yellow jade, so it is favored by consumers and often cut into pendants or inlays. Because natural citrine is extremely rare and expensive, most of the industry uses heat-treated amethyst to produce citrine.

This type of citrine is more abundant and cheaper. Its color remains unchanged at normal room temperature, so it is generally accepted by the general public.

Gem-level citrine is extremely rare. Orange-yellow ones are the best. The energy is strong. It is commonly known as the stone of wealth. It can enhance the yellow light in the aura, and the yellow light will affect the material life and wealth. Therefore, placing citrine in the wealth position at home or in the office can greatly enhance wealth.

Crystal spirituality

The energy vibration frequency of citrine is in the solar plexus, which belongs to the rational body. It enhances self-confidence, is mainly responsible for gastrointestinal functions, and is suitable for those with indigestion or imbalance in diet.

The main function of citrine is to gather wealth and make money. Placing a few citrine in the homes, businesses, offices or workplaces of entrepreneurs can gather the causes and conditions of wealth.

Citrine is a symbol of wisdom and joy. It can make us full of confidence and relieve fear, guilt and other negative emotions. Therefore, it has a good soothing and stabilizing effect on people who are more neurotic.

Citrine also has a therapeutic effect on the pancreas and endocrine system. It is indispensable for diabetics. It can also treat swelling and stomach cramps.

Because citrine is mainly for making money, it is indispensable for stock players, especially spheres, which have a condensing effect. In addition to placing them in the wealth position at home, it is best for frequent traders to carry citrine prayer beads for effectiveness.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz has a special stabilizing and balancing effect. It has a stabilizing effect on people who are irritable, nervous or overly active, and can help analyze complex interpersonal relationships and situations properly and make appropriate decisions.

The chemical formula of smoky quartz is SiO2, the crystal system is hexagonal, the hardness is 7, the specific gravity is 2.65, the refractive index is 1.54-1.55, and the producing areas are Brazil, the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Madagascar and Africa.

Smoky quartz, also known as smoky crystal and ink crystal, is radioactive and has stable energy. Most smoky quartz crystals are hexagonal columns. Like other transparent crystals, they sometimes contain inclusions such as ice cracks and clouds. The color of smoky quartz varies from light brown to dark brown, but sometimes it can form completely opaque dark brown. The depth of smoky quartz color is due to the natural radiation during its formation.

It is said that some importers will irradiate white crystals with cobalt 60 to change their internal molecular arrangement, causing slight metal reactions to form color centers, which is also quite acceptable in the industry. But to be honest, its energy is still much worse than naturally formed smoky quartz, but due to the very minor radiation, don't worry, it won't affect the human body.

Crystal spirituality

Smoky quartz is a representative stable crystal. Wearing smoky quartz prayer beads (remember to wear the left hand) can make you more stable and down-to-earth, and change your frivolous and irritable personality, settle your aura, settle your thoughts, see through complex situations, and take the most efficient and direct response and handling methods.

The magnetic field of smoky quartz strengthens the seabed wheel, so it can enhance motivation and analytical ability. It is suitable for those who are emotionally fluctuating or always feel unable to settle down.

Other crystals

Amethyst: Generally lighter in color and uneven in color distribution. Amethyst also includes transparent purple-red and dark red crystals. It is the highest priced type of crystal and the birthstone of February. It often has obvious dichroism.

Smoky quartz, smoky quartz and ink quartz: Those with smoky yellow color are called smoky quartz, dark brown are called smoky quartz, and black ones are ink quartz. Some people believe that these crystals contain a varying amount of extremely fine particles evenly distributed carbon elements, some people believe they contain microscopic particles (such as a large amount of gas or free silicon atoms) to form, while others believe they contain trace amounts of A1, A13+ ions instead of Si4+ ions, and color centers are formed after radiation.

Hair crystal: A variety of crystals containing hair-like slender cinnabar, black or colored tourmaline, green hornblende, white asbestos, silk-like glittering rutile, etc. These inclusions make crystals very beautiful. These crystals do not require fine cutting, just a little polishing to be used as decorations.

Pink crystal can bring love to couples and is a symbol of marriage, loved by young people. Couples can give it to each other.

Bubble crystal: Crystals containing naturally formed mineral aqueous solutions visible to the naked eye are called rare treasures because of their extreme rarity.

Green phantom crystals can make our future bright and bring endless money. They are also suitable for businessmen to collect and wear.

Rose quartz: Blocky quartz containing Mn and Ti with a pink color, mostly poor in crystal shape. In some crystals, due to the presence of microscopic acicular cinnabar, they are arranged perpendicular to the C-axis in three directions 120° apart. After arc cutting, six-rayed starlight appears, also known as "starlight rose quartz".

Quartz cat's eye: When crystals contain a large amount of parallel fibrous inclusions (such as asbestos fibers), the curved surface of the gemstone can show cat's eye effect, called quartz cat's eye.

Starlight crystal: When crystals contain two or more oriented groups of acicular or fibrous inclusions, the curved surface of the gemstone can show starlight effect, usually six-rayed starlight, but also four-rayed starlight.

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