'Credible': Judge rules in favor of victim who accused ex-NBA player Kenyon Glover of assault

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  • Published September 20, 2023
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LOS ANGELES, CA – A California judge heard oral arguments in the Kenyon Glover lawsuit and ruled in favor of the victim. The Dallas-area minister appeared in court in connection with an attack on a woman whom he was working under the cloak of spiritual advisor — the judge ruled the victim was assaulted.

A hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court featured Kenyon Demorio Glover who was accused of stalking the victim. Ex-prosecutor and former Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County turned Judge, Honorable Alfred Coletta presided over the case.

Glover, 45, became enraged during the proceeding, Los Angeles Court records indicate as the victim told the judge, “It’s that temper right there. I know he can be a bully, and it’s deeply concerning to me,” court records state.

The victim referred to Glover as a dangerous personality type. The court heard testimony from the victim referring to Glover as a “narcissistic sociopath.” The victim told the court “he’s a very scary and dangerous person, and I’ve seen firsthand now behind the scenes,” court records show.

The victim also accused Glover of gaslighting her. Testimony given from the victim revealed Glover “did a lot of stuff to scare me, to intimidate me, and it was to provoke fear in me,” court records state.

The victim told the court Glover was a “predator” and that the assault was a “premeditated experience.”

Glover admitted to being in possession of a handgun and admitted to removing the weapon from the holster and handling the weapon in the victim’s presence in the time period preceding the assault, according to court testimony.

Glover also admitted to almost killing another person. According to court testimony, Glover told the victim on the day of the assault, “I almost killed a man. I got off because it was self defense, but I almost killed him.”

Testimony in the hearing revealed that Glover had an extensive history of domestic violence, where he had previously assaulted his ex-wife. Prior to this incident, Glover had been arrested and charged with domestic violence.

Judge Coletta pointed to Glover’s actions after the fact to suggest he acted wantonly, and gave merit to the victim. “I do find her credible,” Judge Coletta told Glover during the hearing.

“The court takes notice of the evidence presented as clear and convincing,” the judge said.

“I’ve heard a significant amount of information. The testimony is disturbing,” said Judge Coletta. “I am going to grant the restraining order.” Glover’s personal conduct order is to “stay away from you” the judge told the protected party.

The “stay away” order restricts Glover from reaching out to the protected person, either directly or indirectly in any way, jeopardizing the safety of the victim, including, but not limited to, improperly stalking the victim, and bars him from putting the victim’s personal security at risk.

“It is clear that there’s reference in the declaration that Mr. Glover has indicated he would retaliate if she were to communicate the information. And I have to take it on face value that the victim is concerned for her safety, well-being, and her home,” the judge said.

“He is not to contact you by email, text messages, or other social media or electronic means, devices, or in writing personally,” the judge said. “He’s to stay away from you for 100 yards in public, your home, your vehicle, and your workplace. That will be my order,” the judge told the victim.

The court denied and banned Glover from carrying a concealed weapon. The court order states that Glover “cannot own, possess, have, buy or try to buy, receive or try to receive, or in any other way get guns, other firearms, or ammunition.”

The judge ruled “it’s going to be also that Mr. Glover is not to harass or intimidate, threaten, stalk, assault, hit, abuse, destroy the safety and peace of the victim,” according to the court order.

“I find that there was an event, I think the event was one where Mr. Glover exceeded what he felt was perhaps permissive behavior that would have caused him to act that way,” Judge Coletta stated at the end of the hearing.

Glover, a former professional basketball player with the National Basketball Association (NBA), turned actor-filmmaker, and motivational speaker, currently works as a fitness trainer in Texas.

Court records show Glover was served with the restraining order at PickUp USA Fitness located at 989 W. Sandy Lake Road, Suite 500, Coppell, Texas 75019, by Dallas County Constable’s Office.

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