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Bulawayo is the second biggest city in Zimbabwe. It is a beautiful city with a rich history. Bulawayo is often the entrance point for visitors traveling from other countries who are visiting Zimbabwe in order to see all the wildlife. Zimbabwe is home to diverse and abundant wildlife including the Big Five (the African lion, the African elephant, the Cape buffalo, the rhinoceros, and the leopard). It is one of the few countries in the world where guests can enjoy an authentic African safari holiday. Another big attraction that draws guests from all over the world to pass through Bulawayo is Victoria Falls. Many visitors pass through Bulawayo on their way to the Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, and is a big attraction that draws guests from every part of the planet to Zimbabwe. This article shall briefly describe a couple of things to do and activities to enjoy if you are ever in Bulawayo.

The first activity that visitors to Bulawayo can do is visit the Matopos Hills. Matopos Hills is a national park and is also a UNESCO heritage site that is home to a large variety of wildlife. This place has the largest concentration of leopards on the planet. It is less than fifty kilometres from the city of Bulawayo and makes for a great escape from the city. The wildlife in the park is well protected and there is a healthy population of rhinos that live here

The second thing that one can do if they are in Bulawayo is to indulge in the delicious food served at the many restaurants in the city. Bulawayo is famous for being a city with a particular taste for pizza. There are many pizza outlets all over the city serving different versions of pizza. If pizza is not top of your food list then you would be happy to know that there is a large variety of restaurants in the city. Whether you're into Italian food or you're a fan of seafood. You will not be disappointed by the good food offered in this city.

The third thing that guests to the city of Bulawayo can do is visit one of the many bars and pubs. Bulawayo has many places where one can dance and have a good time. Whether you enjoy international whiskeys such as Jameson and Jack Daniels or you prefer to try some of our local drinks, your thirst will definitely be quenched in this city. There are also a couple of prestigious grape farms which offer their own wine. You are welcome to kill time by visiting one of these farms and wine tasting on their premises

The fourth activity that visitors can enjoy is quad biking. People can go quad biking at many different locations all over the world but few compare to Bulawayo. The reason why Bulawayo is particularly a great location to go quad biking is the scenic trails. The trails are unspoiled by mankind and man made structures. The quad bike trails take you to the best of unspoiled African nature. Along the trails there are many picnic sites where one can pull over with friends and have lunch in the wilderness. There's always a very good chance of seeing game

Another activity that is sure to entertain visitors to this city is a visit to Antelope Park. Antelope Park is a reserve located one hour north of the city. It is famous because it is a lion sanctuary. Guests at this special resort get to "walk with lions". Together with an expert guide, visitors get to walk with juvenile lions. There are also other activities such as elephant back safari. Here you get to see Africa from the safety of the back of an African elephant. After viewing the bush on the back of these gentle giants, you will agree that elephants are more human than some people.

The final thing that guests can do if they find themselves in Bulawayo is to visit the Blue Hills Resort. The Blue Hills resort is a special gem within the city of Bulawayo yet it captures the nature of the rural parts of Zimbabwe. At this resort, guests can do many activities including zip lining and archery. Groups even visit this place on occasions such as birthday parties where they can do group activities such as paintball. One of the main attractions of this place is the food. The chef at this resort is one of the best in the country.

In conclusion, Bulawayo is a special city that has plenty of activities that will keep visitors occupied. Whether you prefer to go out to one of the many restaurants and enjoy a delicious pizza or you choose to take a drive out and visit Antelope Park where you can ride elephants, Bulawayo is a city that will keep you busy and entertained. One can do a quick search online for hotels in Bulawayo and you can easily reserve comfortable accommodation within the city. Most hotels will assist guests in finding things to do and also assist with free shuttle rides to the many activities available in the city of Bulawayo.

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