WHAT IS UHMW? UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)


  • Author Emma Helfrich
  • Published October 31, 2023
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UHMW is used around the world in 1000’s of applications from packaging, marine and aircraft industries. Not only does Ultra High Molecular Weight not wear down and decompose (like metals), it has the lowest coefficient of friction for plastic.

With a molecular weight 10 times higher than it’s closest resin, UHMW results in excellent mechanical properties such as high abrasion resistance, impact strength and cold temperature adaptability.


UHMW’s material is excellent for sliding applications (low coefficient of friction). Snow in powder, slush, packed or any form slides off THE SNOWPLOW “THE ORGINAL SNOW PUSHER” shovels making the snow removal process less aggressive on both your body and the shovel vs. sticking to an average snow shovel. This alleviates the need to “scoop” snow with your back but rather acts as a plow efficiently moving snow to the side.


In our research and development of creating the best snow removal tool, the solution is obvious. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene has remarkable impact strength. Thousands of snow removal professionals choose this option for its durability, impact strength, self sharpening blade and ease of use.

THE SNOWPLOW “THE ORIGINAL SNOW SHOVEL” uses only the highest quality Virgin UHMW Polyethylene meaning you are getting the original “virgin” resin compared to other processes here:

Reprocessed UHMW. Our shovels are not made of reprocessed UHMW which is derived of different densities scraps and spill over in manufacturing plants and mashed back together (resulting in a much lower molecular weight and hindered performance).

Exotic UHMW. This causes altering of both the density and molecular weight. The exotic mixtures include adding an entirely different compound like silicone, oil, fiberglass, talc or other additives.


For what we’re trying to achieve (the best durable, high quality, ease of use snow pusher available) we use only VIRGIN ULTRA HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE.

Other amazing physical properties of UHMW include a density of 0.96 so it can float and can take extremely cold temperatures. Hence another perk in snowy climates.

We go back the saying, “you get what you pay for.” The creator of THE SNOWPLOW “THE ORIGINAL SNOW PUSHER” has researched and tested hundreds of materials over the last 25 years and still does today. JM Enterprises does one thing, makes the best snow removal products and stands by them. Investing in this far superior product won’t have you left out in the cold!

Emma Helfrich


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