African Safari Holiday Destinations - The Okavango Delta

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  • Published October 13, 2023
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An African safari package holiday is a special way for one to spend your vacation. Africa is a wonderful destination and visitors are sure to never forget their experiences on this vast and ancient continent. Guests that visit Africa get to see abundant and diverse animals. This continent is home to the famous Big Five. The big five consist of the black or white rhino, the African lion, the African elephant, the leopard, and the Cape buffalo. These are five of the most dangerous animals that guests will encounter on their safari package holiday in Africa. This article shall briefly describe a special destination in Africa where guests can enjoy a great safari holiday. This special place is the Okavango.

The Okavango Delta is a special place on the planet. This is a wonderful destination to visit on holiday. Here guests are sure the experience the truest beauty of Africa. The Okavango is a special and unique river. It is a river that never meets the ocean. Instead, the river spills into the Kalahari Desert creating a huge wetland that supports abundant and diverse animals ranging from giants such as the African elephant to crocodiles and hippos. It is the largest inland delta on Earth. The Okavango Delta must truly be one of Africa's most enchanted places. A swirl of lushness in a desert of Kalahari sand, the Delta is a remarkable phenomenon. Originating in the distant highlands of Angola, the Okavango floodwater arrives into the delta during the dry season causing prodigious quantities of game and great predators to migrate inwards from the otherwise parched Kalahari Desert. At this time there is no better game-viewing in Africa. Even during the converse season, the quality remains well above that of most other areas.

Unique as one of the world's few inland deltas, the Okavango Delta adds enormously to the variety of experiences open to the visitor. An obvious attraction is the spectacular game viewing; among the best in the world and certainly situated in the most unspoiled corner of Africa. Herds of elephants can be seen here, as well as all the main cats, hyenas, wild dogs, and many antelope. Not only the wildlife but also the vegetation make for an interesting visit. This place is a lush beautiful part of Africa. The lodges and accommodation in the Okavango are high-end and world-class just like the accommodation in Zimbabwe and other famous African countries that wildlife enthusiasts like to visit

The local people tell a story of how the Delta was formed in response to the cries of the animals in this area for water. They explain how the gods felt pity for the thirsty animals and sent a great flood into the desert. To the locals, this phenomenon is nothing short of a miracle. Several African safari package operators have safari camps in private concessions in the Okavango Delta. This allows guests an exclusive experience in the Okavango. There are many wonderful activities that guests can engage in at this place. Safaris by boat and dugout canoe, also known as mokoro, is the best way to see the water areas, while game drives and night drives by vehicle are best for tracking animals.

In conclusion, Africa is a wonderful destination to visit on a holiday. A safari holiday to the Okavango should certainly be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Guests are sure to return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The close and intimate experiences with wildlife are sure to give guests a new positive experience of nature and their place within nature.

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