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  • Published February 26, 2024
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The Nigerian High Performance Artist and Convener of Youthful Inclusive Leadership and Governance, Emmanuel Chike Gabriel visited the state house in Abuja around November of last year to notify President Tinubu through his Chief of Staff about Project 9G of national importance.

Chike, who holds the title of “The Second Inaugural Prime Minister of Naija Kingdom" based on Project 9G remains positive that, upon his appointments as Prime Minister of Nigeria in the Cabinet Ministerial position based on Project 9G political debut mandate encourages the process of making Nigeria a super power.

Shortly before the primary elections in 2022. The labour party presidential candidate, Peter Obi and thereafter the former Vice President of Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo on two different occasion visited Sir Balewa’s tomb in Bauchi State.

Chike, who had earlier visited the state that same year, while making a documentary about Project 9G. Told stakeholders in the Art, Exhibition and Museum section of the creative economy.

Project 9G of national importance is made up of a sceptre work of art, 9G:Nmm based on a sceptre play, 9G:soa. The play is inspired by yet another sceptre work of art, 9G:sm based on events in Nigeria's historical and cultural precedence. When Chike visited the national assembly in November last year, he informed the green chambers.

That project 9G of national importance made up of 9G:soa;nmm debut more than one platform can be a tool for good national orientation exercises.

Speaking at the National museum in Lagos, Project 9G debut the political space based on the appointment of “Prime Minister of Nigeria” in the Cabinet Ministerial position. Speaking at a cultural event centre in Port Harcourt, Project 9G political debut is designated to bridge the gap in youthful inclusive leadership and governance.

That after the making of the movie debut based on 9G: soa;nmm, Project 9G stakeholders led by Andersoft Energy Limited plan to build an institute called Naija Kingdom. An institute capable of nurturing fellow Eginiran's passionate about nation building around one of the suitable areas they have landed properties.

According to Project 9G Proposal sent to the President Tinubu's administration. Chike further added that, as part of Project 9G political debut mandate, Project 9G stakeholders are capable of supporting Nigeria win the next Fifa world cup.

And further reinstated his position as the Author, Curator and Producer of Project 9G:

That the entire project of national importance is dedicated to make Nigeria a super power, Mnasp.

Niroy Gabtec Eginira otherwise called Naija Kingdom is a developing institute of leadership and governance capable of nurturing fellow Eginiran's passionate about nation building based on Project 9G of national importance.

Website: naijakingdom.com.ng

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