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  • Published February 6, 2024
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The coastal farmhouse style shares similarities with the vintage farmhouse aesthetic, but it incorporates coastal influences such as color schemes reminiscent of the sea, natural elements like driftwood, and weathered whitewashed doors. While commonly found in homes near the ocean, the coastal farmhouse style can infuse any farmhouse-style residence with a coastal charm.

Traditional farmhouse design elements include rustic wood credenzas, paned windows, washed blue wood coffee tables, and deliberately imperfect lines. Additionally, large porches that stretch along the length of the house are characteristic features. The hallmark of classic farmhouses is their spacious kitchens, often adorned with minimalist wood shelving and functional elements.

The coastal farmhouse aesthetic blends the relaxed ambiance of coastal living with the rustic allure of farmhouse decor. It incorporates elements like distressed wood sliding barn doors and vintage furniture alongside classic coastal colors, patterns, and accessories. The essence of the coastal farmhouse style lies in creating a harmonious fusion of seaside and countryside elements throughout the home.

Mogul Interior offers a captivating collection of vintage carved sideboards, rustic credenzas, antique tribal damchias, and Manjoosh chests. These traditional Indian chests were originally used for storing clothes and accessories, but they now serve as unique and stylish pieces of furniture.

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