Crypto And Web3: Integration That Opens Up New Opportunities

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  • Published April 13, 2024
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The rise of Web3 has led to revolutionary changes in technology development. Web3 is the next stage after Web2.0. The main idea of Web3 is to give users full control over their data and finances, as well as the ability to create and manage various projects. Web3 technologies play an important role in the blockchain, as they guarantee security and transparency in the interaction between users and decentralized applications.

What Are Web3 Apps And Their Benefits

The benefits of Web3 include decentralization, security, transparency, economy, etc. The main goal is to create a more open and decentralized Internet where users are in control of their data and digital assets. It emphasizes community engagement and user ownership of content. In addition, Web3 uses cryptocurrency to make transfers, so users do not need to rely on intermediaries such as banks.

Web3 applications are decentralized applications that apply Web3 technology using blockchain to increase the level of decentralization and privacy. These applications include blockchain games, decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, and NFTs.

Examples of Apps include:

Web3 browsers - provides a more secure way of interacting with DApps compared to Web 2.0, using blockchain technology and crypto wallets for authentication and access. Examples of such browsers are Brave Browser, Opera Browser і Puma Browser.

Decentralized data storage is a method in which data is encrypted and distributed across multiple networks, eliminating the need for a central authority to manage and store data. This approach improves security and privacy by reducing the risk of data breaches. Examples include Storj, IPFS, and Filecoin.

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are P2P platforms where transactions take place directly between cryptocurrency users without intermediaries. They operate using smart contracts on the blockchain, which ensures the reliability and security of transactions. The most popular DEX are Uniswap, WhiteSwap, SushiSwap.

A metaverse is a virtual world that allows users to create, share, and monetize content. Such universes are Decentraland, ENJIN, and Voxels.

How does Web3 enter the world of cryptocurrencies?

By combining Web3 and cryptocurrency, developers can create blockchain-based applications. In addition, cryptocurrency can be used as a payment method in applications. The integration of Web3 and the crypto industry is popularizing, and there are only more of them every day. For example:

Ubisoft And XPLA Collaboration

The well-known video game developer Ubisoft has recently joined the XPLA ecosystem as a node validator. Joining the company as a validator is an important step in bringing the gaming industry and blockchain technologies closer together. Ubisoft's participation promises to improve validation and contribute to the overall integrity and efficiency of the blockchain.

Paul Kim, the team lead of XPLA, commented on his enthusiasm for the integration: “We are thrilled to welcome Ubisoft as an XPLA validator. Together, we will cooperate to create a more transparent and trustworthy Web3 ecosystem, striving to provide an attractive gaming experience to players worldwide.”

This partnership will help to open up new opportunities in the Web3 gaming industry, ushering in a new era of games that are ready to embrace the future.

Metamask Is Testing The First Mastercard Payment Card

According to CoinDesk, the popular cryptocurrency wallet Metamask is testing a network payment card that operates on the Mastercard network and is issued by Baanx Bank. The card will allow users to spend cryptocurrency on everyday purchases at places that accept cards. MetaMask/Mastercard aims to become the first decentralized Web3 payment solution.

Mastercard and its competitor Visa are constantly cooperating with blockchain and cryptocurrency developers. Last October, Mastercard started cooperation with hardware wallet developers Ledger and MetaMask. Visa is working on international payments with the USDC stablecoin and the Solana network.


Web3 is the next stage in the development of the World Wide Web, which will improve user experience and reduce dependence on some giants such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon. Integration with Web3 empowers users and allows them to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Despite all the obstacles and challenges, Web3 continues to evolve and open up new perspectives for the world of innovation.

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