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  • Author Souhail Arfaoui
  • Published April 18, 2024
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When discussing the crisis of the school, it is obvious to be exposed to the general behavior of the student and his daily interactions inside and around the educational institution. These issues are no less important than education and the contents of the materials and infrastructure, so as to frame the behavior of students, reduce the phenomena that violate educational ethics, improve the student relationship with their educational institution, and reduce school absences and dropouts, are essential to improving the quality of education, improving the success rate, the level of graduates and the efficiency of the educational system.

The exchange of violence between pupils or the assault of one of the pupils to his colleague in varying degrees of seriousness using physical act or verbal abuse or rushing in squares and corridors, which may reach the publicity of batons and white weapons. - Cases of violence recorded against the educational framework in general by students or guardians have been monitored in several reasons and are constantly rising. - There is another type of violence, which is directed to school equipment, which has been targeted by the violation, such as breaking doors and tables and plant and even stealing the various devices. There are many reasons related to the phenomenon of school violence, which is what I mean about the personality of individual students or what is social related to the various circles and institutions that embrace the student in the process of socialization of the family to the street and the school and the media, including what is linked to the network of interpersonal relations in which the pupil fused.

The educational reality today refers to the existence of a crisis of communication between students and educators, which led to the tension of the educational relationship and the fact that the educational institution not only complain of the intensification of the phenomenon of violence, but beyond it to other phenomena, including especially addiction types ranging from smoking to alcohol and light drugs, with The beginning of the existence of white drugs and the testimony of many educational parties. The role of civil society as a contributor to the development process is reflected here, where civil society emerges as an educational tool that prepares the student for interaction within the group. This project will maintain the student's relationship with the school and ensure the recognition of the community and other topics that are in the establishment of drawing clubs or educational film presentations. To achieve this, the educational development programs included new dimensions, the most important of which was giving greater role to parents to contribute to support the educational process through support and follow-up , the school cannot develop its work and achieve its goals and move forward in this way without the planned work and effort and participation of local civil society.

There have been previous attempts to involve parties from outside the educational institution in the educational process has been the realization of these «reforms» in the first stage through the creation of education and family and find a relationship with the school and the second phase through the establishment of a new structure is the board of the educational institution, which consists of the director and the representative of the teachers in the basic, in the preparatory and secondary of the director as president and representatives of professors, administrators, currency, students and parents.

I have a Master degree in Human Sciences, specialising in Education and Culture Development, at the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis. Also a researcher and investigator in Social Science; a consultant at a consulting office; a researcher at the Middle East Democracy Project; and a writer at NEWS @ 24 (an online NEWS Educational Initiative of international organisation CCLP Worldwide, which has special consultative status with the UN ECOSOC).

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