Unified Field Theory Is Explainable

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  • Author Bobby Dee Ticer
  • Published April 25, 2024
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According to the Standard Model of physics, gravity has not yet been unified with such other forces as electromagnetism and the strong and weak forces of quantum theory. However, its unification is explainable. Light energy simply converts to gravity. The conversion is simply indicated as light energy converting to gravity. One simple indication is that gravity increases per mass whereas the exact opposite occurs of electromagnetic force decreasing per mass. Another indication is of a Schwarzschild metric whereby light-speed is decreased by gravity. The decrease is according to a relativistic factor squared whereby the slowing is in ratio escape-speed-squared per light-speed-squared. A black-hole is thus predicted because of light-speed slowing to zero when escape-speed-squared equals light-speed-squared.

Also, slower light-speed is one-half as much if escape-speed squared equals one-half light-speed squared. It is derivable in manner of light at slower speed not providing enough energy to increase mass to a higher potential. The black-hole condition is maintained and mass-energy condition is consistent with the relativity of motion as well. The existence of mass needs to somehow maintain its tremendous amount of internal energy in relation to light-speed-squared. It can encounter force moving in the opposite direction of relative motion that is greater than the same amount of outside force that is encountered in the same direction of relative motion. The difference is allowed by the superimposing condition of wave energy that varies according to the frequency of wave action. However, there is internal resistance not allowing internal energy to maintain when relative motion of mass reaches one-half light-speed.

Newton did not accept wave theory because he believed its needed medium would interfere with planetary motion. However, wave theory developed in the nineteenth century from which light-speed was derived nearly the same as it has been measured in more recent times. Einstein failed in his attempt to formulate a unified field theory because he explained gravity simply according to space-time curvature and did not bother to explain how space itself curves.

Further explanation is regarding how gravity interrelates with electrostatic force also being according to an inverse-square-law similar to Newton’s. It differ by being either attractive or repulsive if the former is of positive and negative charges and the latter is of charges both being either positive or negative. Other explanation is with regard to how the discreet unit of quantum measures relates to how gradual change by either relative motion or gravity.


I retired at the end of 1999 and decided to self-educate myself by writing and research. I have published a couple novels: The Alien Stranger and A Diamond Bomb Threat. My gravity book is a detailed analysis of the theoretical development of theory and has had countless rewrites.

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