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  • Published April 17, 2024
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Zoviz serves as an online AI logo maker and provides online support to its users in both logo design and generating branding products. Obtaining professional logo design results in just seconds and experiencing a completely customized design journey with editable logo design results are among the features offered by the platform to its users.

Designing through Zoviz is very easy. Searching for the selected brand name in the 'Enter your business' section on the landing page of the platform is enough for dozens of different design suggestions to appear on the users' screens. Creating a logo design quickly and easily, without any design knowledge, is just a matter of minutes with Zoviz. Two different packages covering logo design and branding products are available through Zoviz, and a logo design process that maximizes user experience can be created much faster than manual design processes.

Zoviz Logo Generator Serves in the Best Possible Way

Zoviz makes user experience a priority. It is very easy to design both a brand design and a brand's logo from scratch in a few minutes through this platform, which aims to offer a customized online logo generator experience. Being an AI-powered platform, Zoviz only requests the brand name from the user. Once the brand name is entered into the system, the entire design process begins.

All of the products included in the design process offered by Zoviz to its users can be customized. In order for editing operations to take place, Zoviz offers its users a workspace that serves only this purpose. Various operations regarding the brand name, such as font and size changes, are carried out in this area. There is no need for design knowledge or skills to carry out the editing processes. Zoviz assumes full responsibility for the operations within the design process in question. The user only needs to choose from the options presented.

Excellent Logo Kits Offered by Zoviz

For a successful branding process, in addition to logo design, branding products that will create harmony in terms of brand image are also required. Zoviz also offers this service through the Full Logo Kit option. The products in the package include different-sized versions of the logo, a brand guidebook listing details about the design, and many other branded products. The products in question can be listed in detail as follows:

  • Favicon pack

  • E-sign and letterhead layouts

  • Social media profiles and covers

  • Brand guidebook

The branding products listed above are sufficient for re-creating a brand or rebranding efforts. Users can create designs through Zoviz in minimum time and at budget-friendly prices. AI logo maker Zoviz provides service by prioritizing user needs and offers competitive logo design products through this motto.

Providing perfect online logo design options in just seconds, Zoviz offers live technical support for any mishaps that may occur. Zoviz, which continues to be developed to provide more services in order to become the best AI logo maker, started to serve its users as of 2023. Zoviz, which is the result of a software development process of approximately 2 years, is gaining more users every day.

https://zoviz.com/ helps users to generate logos and brand kits instantly. To start this journey, visit https://zoviz.com/logo-maker page!

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