Exploring the Boundless Horizons of Creativity: An Interview with Sci-fi Artist Artnoob100

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  • Author Jessica Ritz
  • Published June 7, 2024
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Artists tend to find their muse in the most unlikely of places. For Vincent van Gogh, it stemmed from his emotional connection to nature. For Frida Kahlo, it was from the struggle and pain she endured. For Artnoob100, it was getting hit by a truck.

A Gen-Z digital artist and speculative fiction enthusiast, Artnoob100 has carved an inspiring path from a life-altering accident that almost took his life to become a driving force behind the innovative initiative known as Infinity Horizon.

It was a fateful motorcycle accident that propelled Artnoob100's life in an unforeseen direction. What could have been a tale of despair turned into a remarkable narrative of self-discovery and transformation. Hospitalized and facing newfound solitude, Artnoob100 seized the opportunity to delve into the world of digital art – something that he had long been passionate about but never had the chance to pursue.

“I have always believed that whatever happens, ultimately it is how you react to it that matters. We cannot always dictate where life leads us but it is up to us what we make of the situation,” he shared. And so began his journey. He challenged himself to fully master the skill in just a hundred days. Each day, he would draw a new artwork, pushing himself to become better and better.

"It’s surprising how therapeutic art can be during a difficult time. It helped keep my mind focused on something positive and made each new day something to look forward to," Artnoob100 remarked. This period of recovery marked the inception of his artistic journey, one that would continue to evolve and flourish in ways he could never have foreseen.

But Artnoob100's creative evolution did not stop at the canvas. A fascination with speculative fiction, particularly the "What Ifs" within the realm of Science Fiction, captured his imagination. The idea of exploring alternative realities, advanced technologies, and the impact they could have on society fascinated him deeply.

Influenced by authors like C.M. Kosemen and Isaac Asimov, Artnoob100 saw a seamless merging of artistic expression and literary exploration. This intersection allowed him to visually manifest the boundless concepts that the genre had to offer.

And as he delved further into speculative fiction, his artwork began to reflect these ideas. He found himself creating scenes and characters that were inspired by futuristic concepts he read about in the book. This convergence of artistic expression and speculative thought set the foundation for the project that would become Infinity Horizon.

However, unlike similar projects, he aimed to take things one step further.

“ There is only so much a person [alone] can create, especially as art is something most people can [only] afford to do in their free time. It became clear to me that there was an opportunity to create something more significant than individual pieces – a community where like-minded creators could come together, collaborate, and collectively shape a shared universe. The idea was to provide a platform where artists, writers, and researchers could contribute their unique skills to build a cohesive sci-fi universe and in the process be recognized for it,” Artnoob100 explains.

It was an ambitious idea. Many he shared it with even called it an unrealistic fantasy. But an unrealistic fantasy is exactly what the young artist was good at conjuring. He was determined and slowly but surely, Infinity Horizon began to take shape. Today, it is a rapidly expanding universe with a thriving community of some 500 artists, writers, and researchers.

As Infinity Horizon continues to flourish, Artnoob100 envisions a future that is as expansive as the universe he have created. The aspiration is not limited to the boundaries of artistic and literary content but extends to becoming a hub for ideas, discussions, and groundbreaking collaborations. Movies, video, and tabletop games might lie on the horizon, cementing Infinity Horizon's place as a driving force in the world of art and entertainment.

“It would be incredible if this humble initiative comes to rival the likes of Games Workshop and Disney. I mean why should companies that only care about profit be the ones to dictate our creative sector? Why shouldn’t creatives themselves who are actually passionate about their contributions be the ones shaping this landscape?” Artnoob declared.

With unwavering dedication and an unquenchable thirst for innovation, Artnoob100's journey serves as an embodiment of the human spirit's capacity to transform adversity into triumph. His story is an inspiration for those who dare to embrace their passions, explore the unknown, and forge a path that defies convention.

As Artnoob100 aptly puts it, "Creativity is boundless; the only limits that exist are the ones we place upon ourselves.” Indeed, their story and the universe of Infinity Horizon stand as a testament to the limitless potential of the creative mind.

Jessica Ritz is a seasoned journalist who seeks to uncover stories that celebrate the human spirit's resilience and creativity. With a passion for narrative exploration, Roberta delves deep into the lives of individuals who dare to challenge the status quo and carve their own unique paths.

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