Busting Myths & Misconceptions about Bioheat® Fuel

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  • Author Rocco Lacertosa
  • Published June 23, 2024
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Living in the five boroughs of New York City or Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties and relying on oil heating equipment to keep your family warm means Bioheat® fuel is being delivered to your home. This lower-carbon version of home heating oil has been available in our area for some time, but there are still some misconceptions around its impact on the environment and the economy. Clearing the air about Bioheat® fuel and its benefits is best for all New Yorkers, not to mention our friends and neighbors who work in the industry.

Bioheat® fuel is made by blending ultra-low sulfur heating fuel with renewable biodiesel, which is made from agricultural byproducts that would otherwise go to waste, such as inedible corn oil, soybean oil, animal fats, and used cooking oil. The idea that biodiesel is made from trash is simply not true and claims that Bioheat® fuel isn’t compatible with existing heating oil equipment are also false. Bioheat® fuel has a much lower carbon content than traditional heating oil thanks to its renewable biodiesel component, and it’s ready to use right now in your oil-fired heating system.

In addition to its environmental benefits, it’s worth noting that Bioheat® fuel is not more expensive than traditional heating oil. The two are valued and priced comparably, and Bioheat® fuel’s economic impact extends beyond similar pricing. According to Biodiesel.org, the Bioheat® fuel industry employs over 75,000 people and counting, many of whom live and work here in New York. That means because your local NY energy provider is delivering Bioheat® fuel, you’re doing your part two-fold to support your community and the dedicated folks who work hard every day to keep your family warm and safe.

Now that some of the common myths about Bioheat® fuel have been busted, one thing is clear: Bioheat® fuel is good for the environment, our economy, and your wallet. If you want to learn more about Bioheat® fuel, visit NYSECnow.org. There, you’ll find information and resources to expand your knowledge about this low-carbon energy solution.

A resource to learn about the benefits of renewable, low-carbon heating fuel in New York City's five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester.

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