IMIC e.v.– immigrant advisory services in Germany: A guide along a new path

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Different challenges and prospects are inherent in immigration to another country. For many people, finding the right support network is crucial for successful integration. In Germany, Interkulturelles Migranten Integrations Center (IMIC e.V.) acts as a guiding light for immigrants who need help and direction. IMIC e.V. has been providing effective immigrant advisory services in Germany for more two decades.

Assistance to Immigrants

IMIC e.V. provides a wide range of services to immigrants at any stage of their journey. If you have just arrived or have been living in Germany for some time now, you can count on the following services:

Counseling and Community Coaching:

At IMIC e.V., they specialize in conducting personalized counselling sessions to meet every client’s specific needs. These sessions address such issues of integration as understanding local customs and navigating through Germany’s bureaucratic maze, among others. Moreover, they run community coaching programs aimed at equipping immigrants with skills necessary to succeed in their new homes.

Accommodation Mediation:

For immigrants, finding suitable housing is often intimidating. With regard to this, IMIC e.V.’s accommodation mediation helps individuals and families secure safe and affordable living arrangements in Hamburg and beyond.

Visa Applications and Legal Support:

Immigrants may find it incredibly demanding to wade through visa regulations and legal requirements. Visa regulation support is provided by IMIC e.V., to ensure immigrants have the correct papers that allow them to stay and work within Germany.

Language Studies:

Among other things, language is a key factor in integration. IMIC e.V. has just unveiled hybrid German language courses which are accessible online and offline. These courses are suitable for those who are already living in Germany as well as those intending to move there.

Family Counselling and Support:

When one moves to another country, the whole family is affected. Family counselling services are offered by IMIC e.V., so that families can cope with their new life in Germany – issues around education, medical care or general lifestyle.

Liaison Services:

IMIC e.V. acts as an intermediary between immigrants, local authorities, or organizations. They aid communication and understanding thus enabling immigrants to access required resources and services.

Promoting Cultural Integration

IMIC e.V.’s mission is anchored on cultural integration. The organization has organized more than 300 cultural events over time aimed at enhancing understanding and appreciation among various communities. Some of the events include;

• Africa Day Event and Festival: Celebrating the rich cultural heritage of African communities, these events provide a platform for cultural exchange and understanding.

• Traditional Music and Dance Evenings: Immigrants can showcase their cultural talents and learn about German traditions through music and dance.

• Cultural Heritage Workshops: These workshops encourage participants to explore and share their cultural backgrounds, promoting a sense of pride and community.

Partnership Network

IMIC e.V.’s operations are improved in collaboration with many governmental and non-governmental organizations. Its partners include the German Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour, Family and Integration, Hamburg Ministry of Culture and other local and international institutions. These associations enable IMIC e.V to provide holistic assistance and speak up effectively on behalf of immigrant.

Unmatched Benefit

IMIC e.V’s extensive network is its unique quality as well as its commitment to immigrants’ care. Open access policy by the organization ensures that people from all backgrounds gain access to services provided regardless of their social status. IMIC e.V has held over 10,000 social consultations and

achieved remarkable success in education, training and integration thus maintaining a leading position in immigrant support provision.

Join IMIC e.V.’s Community

IMIC e.V invites all immigrants and those interested in supporting integration efforts go check their website at They offer a broad range of services for you or your institution through which IMIC e.V can help you navigate the complexities of life in Germany. For more details about their activities or how they could guide you towards achieving your integration objective call them today on +49 (40) 68949969 or just visit them at Am Neumarkt 30, 22041 Hamburg Germany, or on email:

IMIC e.V. is more than just an immigrant advisory centre; it is a family and a community dedicated to promoting successful and meaningful integration experiences for all immigrants in Germany.

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