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  • Published January 21, 2008
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National Car Rental Offers Driving Advice for the Winter Weather.

For those planning to brave the frost bitten roads visiting family and friends over the festive season, make sure you’re prepared before setting-off advises National Car Rental. Distracted by the excitement of Christmas, it is easy to forget roads are particularly dangerous this time of year, with poor weather conditions and irate motorists adding to the strain of holiday driving.

Whether you are renting a spacious car to hold your goodies and all the trimmings, or are full to the brim in your own, the unpredictable British weather and chaotic motorways can make any seasonal journey a nightmare. National Car Rental has therefore devised a list of top tips to tick off before embarking on any winter expedition.

Dawn Clayton, Marketing Manager for National Car Rental comments: "This is one of the most dangerous times of year for driving, as the roads are not only icy, but are full with overcrowded cars and stressed out motorists. With the following top tips, National hopes to relieve some of that pressure and offer solutions for a relaxing journey."

National’s Top Tips for a Safe Christmas Journey

• Allow plenty of time for journeys and check out traffic hot spots before heading off

• Make sure all the windows are properly de-iced and de-misted before you set out and remember not to overfill the car so that the rear-view is obscured

• Remember your sunglasses to avoid glare from the low winter sun

• Twilight is a particularly hazardous time for driving, so take extra care

• Watch out for fog and use fog lights, but remember to switch them off again when they are no longer needed

• Rain and spray from other vehicles make it difficult to see and be seen so slow down in heavy downpours

• Allow for a greater braking distance in wet conditions

• Watch your speed and remember that cyclists and pedestrians will be less visible

• Be prepared to cancel a journey. Listen out for weather warnings and act appropriately

• Don’t be afraid to turn back – if things start to look dicey, a trip can most likely be postponed.

• Be aware of the danger of getting stranded - especially if you are heading somewhere remote. Take warm clothing and consider stopping at a hotel for the night rather than pressing on.

• Consider hiring a car for a one-way or return journey for more room. This will also ensure the car is fully maintained, safe, reliable and covered by 24 hour roadside assistance

• Always keep a bottle of water and food, such as chocolate just in case you breakdown

For those wanting a vehicle to fit all and the kitchen sink this Christmas, National is offering fantastic rates. Whether it’s a busy weekend away to visit the in laws, an extra car needed to fit the extended family, or a one-way rental home, make the most of the holiday season.

Booking with National couldn’t be easier – simply head online to www.nationalcar.co.uk or call 0870 4004560 to gain access to the best car hire deals. For further press information please contact Alison Reeson, Maddy Roles, Dom Dennis or Linda Pearson at HSL, Churcham House, 1 Bridgeman Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 9AJ. Telephone: 020 8977 9132. Fax: 020 8977 5200

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