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  • Published February 12, 2008
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For many search engines, you will find it easier to get high rankings on your site's home page than on internal pages. For Some reason, these search engines tend to favor the "default page." of the Web site, often thought of as the "home page" and usually containing the index.html. Additionally, some some engines favor Web sites that include the targeted keyword in the domain name, so consider this when you are considering what domain name to register.

To take advantage of this effect, you should choose to register additional domain names on which you will host your informational pages or other related Web site content. There is no reason why your Web site should be hosted on only one domain name. Think outside the box! Domain names are cheap, and you may benefit by having more than one. Informational pages aside, if you sell camping gear, hiking gear, and rafting gear, your Web site could be made up of three domain names that cover all the topics.

No matter which page your visitor enters through, the look and feel should be consistent with your other pages, and the surfer may not even notice that the domain name has changed from one section to another. You will have the benefit of an additional default or home page for each of your domains, and each area of the Web site gains the benefit of the targeted keyword appearing in the root domain.

Try to select and register domain names that include your targeted keywords. For instance, if you are targeting "whitewaterrafting" and you find that "whitewaterrafting.com" is taken, you may be able to register "white-water-rafting.com. " Be creative! you will find a way to register a domain name with a keyword or phrase in it.

Expect that your hosting provider will not add a domain name for free. You will be looking at $25 per domain name per month, at least, even if you are only putting up static informational pages. But this additional cost is well worth if for the high rankings it may generate.

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