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  • Author Gene Schwerman
  • Published June 25, 2008
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A custom-designed, truly unique website allows the Web surfer that initial positive response, which is required within the first few seconds of viewing a site, in order to keep the viewer interested and then move him into the site to actually view and possibly buy your product. Anything short of unique, interest grabbing, visually stimulating content upon first look at a website, usually does not elicit a second look. I have said it many times in these pages, and admittedly, this has been a theme that I have continued to echo now over a significant amount of time. However, it only ever takes me a few moments of surfing the Internet to revisit this theme in my mind and to motivate me to continue the pilgrimage holding out the holy Grail of the truly custom unique website.

They say the nice thing about advice is that you don't have to take it. Having preached the message for quite some time that a truly unique website is not just helpful on the Internet but is practically the only way to garner enough initial attention from a Web surfer to send them inside your site to view the information you really want them to see, I feel that all I can do is continue to try to get the information out there and hope that some people find it to be good advice. Customizing your website is instrumental in setting your business apart from the competition. It conveys the idea to your customers that you are different and unique. It literally sets you apart in a way that is positive to your viewer and will attract rather than lose the viewers attention. By continually customizing you will even be able to create a certain theme for your business. Over time concentrating on this theme will brand your business. So it is very important in order to separate your business from your competition that you create a truly custom unique website.

You continually hear the phrase dress to impress, when you're going to meet new people you put on your best outfit, so that the initial impression you make will be a good one. This is a procedure that works very well in creating a website, you dress it up in a unique and creative way, in effect you give it its best outfit, and you get that initial impression from people that you are looking for, and that you need. It creates a specific identity to your product line or service. To get people to notice your business as being different and exceptional is a big plus, especially for an online business because the Internet is saturated with new businesses everyday and the competition is fierce. A customer appreciates the kind of appeal branding creates and will linger on a website that offers that rare commodity of creativity and uniqueness in web design.

It is so much more advantageous to use a well-orchestrated custom web design for your online business that it really cannot be overstated. First impression is the best salesperson for any online business and an original, well designed, well-dressed, as it were, website offers that irreplaceable commodity that every business owner strives to achieve for his customers, the feeling of being truly welcome. Your truly unique website will stand out and put you on the "world wide map" for your product or service.

Gene Schwerman is the founder and head marketing consultant for Truly Unique - Cheap Website Design. Truly Unique offers a variety of business website design services.

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