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Monitored home alarm systems can offer the ultimate level of protection for your home, don’t wait until you actually experience a break-in or fire before considering your need for a home alarm system.

Most common security risks are simply a lack of knowledge or not realizing the results a few simple tactics can produce.

When choosing options on how to protect your home you should take a walk around the perimeter and gardens of your property in order to identify any problem areas. These could include a dark passageway, a broken gate latch or windows that are not secured.

A burglar will want to avoid any lighted areas and noise, floodlights triggered by motion and the sound of home alarm systems will definitely discourage them from hanging around.

Checking the property out, consider the level of security on your windows and doors and if they could be easily pried open for instance. Cut back bushes or trees near to your house where an intruder could hide if necessary, and think about how, although a high fence around might give you a sense of privacy and security, it can also present an intruder with the privacy they require too. Outside lights are always a deterrent as no intruder will try and break into a house if a bright light is shining on them. Take time to look at every aspect and how you can make your home a safer place to be.

Your aim is to make things difficult for any potential intruder. There are various simple techniques you can employ that will protect your home and don’t have to be expensive or unattractive. Outside doors should be made from a strong enough material to withstand considerable force, such as metal or solid hardwood, and be over an inch thick. Door frames should also be constructed from similarly sturdy material. There is no point in having a strong lock if the door frame is rotten or made from a weak wood.

Once this is done, take another look at your house from the street or public area and take note of what you can see. You may realize that your expensive family silver can be seen clearly from the road, an open invitation to any passing criminals casing the area.

For further protection at home it is always advisable to have a peephole fitted in the main door so you can identify the person before opening up, or even a camera placed in the porch area. If you have a patio in the back of your house they can often cause a security risk as the doors are relatively simple to open for a burglar. Invest in a deadbolt lock and key locks for windows. For windows at street level, think about iron grates or grilles, there are some attractive models available.

Making the decision of what you need to secure your home will depend on your budget and your own preferences. There should be a community police officer available in your local area that will come and advice you on security measures available. You can also compare residential alarm system services online for an idea on services included and prices.

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