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  • Published June 7, 2009
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Carpets and linoleums are popular floor decorations but many homeowners would still prefer the natural look so they opt for hardwood floors in St. Louis, which, thrive with reputable companies and manufacturers of a wide variety of flooring systems.

Hardwood floors in Saint Louis have become a staple in many houses since these enhance the look of one’s abode. Be it a traditional Victorian or modern Hollywood inspired house, Eurocraft hardwood floors never fail to give a natural warmth to one’s place.

We cannot blame homeowners if they are meticulous about their hardwood flooring. No one would want to cover huge expenses from installing hardwood floors every now and then that’s why homeowners are careful not to scratch their hardwood’s surfaces. Take note, hardwood floors are the most sensitive flooring material and it must be properly maintained to prevent it from being damaged. Upon the installation of hardwood floors in Saint Louis, it becomes your responsibility to keep them well-maintained and beautiful through the proper methods.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

Refinishing hardwood floors in St. Louis can increase the gloss of these panels of beauty but you can achieve the same results by keeping it clean everyday.

Keep your hardwood floors dust free and dry. Make it a habit to wipe off spills lest your hardwood gets damaged in no time for this is very sensitive to liquid.

Don’t be too hard on your hardwood flooring instead use the proper cleaning technique. First, use the right brand of cleaner. Oil soaps are not recommended for hardwoods because the residue of this substance can build up and eventually make your floor look dull. The moment you notice dirt build-up on your floor, it is advisable to buy a product made specifically for hardwoods and you should strictly follow the instruction written on the label to avoid miscalculation that can result in floor damage. Next, use dry towel or rug in drying off the hardwood. Some homeowners make the mistake of wiping their hardwood flooring with wet mop. Vacuum your floor frequently to keep dust at bay.

Scratches and Damage

There are many factors that can damage hardwood floors. House pets are the main culprit. They have the habit of unmindfully scratching the surface of wood with their claws. To avoid this, we should either keep our pets’ nails trimmed or let them stay outside the house.

Even though hardwood floors are made of durable materials, neglecting them can make them prone to damage. That said, it is important to do our part in keeping our hardwood floors in tiptop shape.

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