Can Acai Berries Really Help You Lose Weight And Keep You Healthy?

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  • Author Kristi Ambrose
  • Published June 12, 2009
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It has actually been proven that Acai berries really do have a lot of benefits. This little berry is a little bigger than a blueberry and yet it has more benefits than it. Blueberries have been called the wonder fruit for years. So if a blueberry can be called a "wonder food" it's no doubt why the Acai berry is called a SuperFood. These little guys can do all kinds of great things for your body.

A little background - these berries are found in the Brazilian Rain forests and have been used by the native people to that area for thousands of years to get rid of all kinds of illnesses and other problems. According to Wikipedia, acai is a genus of 25-30 palm species native to tropical Central and South America, from Belize to Brazil and Peru.

It grows mainly along rivers, in floodplains and swamplands. They are tall, slender, attractive palms that grow 15-30 m tall, with conjugate leaves up to 3 m long. The fruit is a little, circular, black-purple berry similar in size to a grape. They are produced in branched clusters of 700-900 fruits that must be picked by hand. Though its appearance is similar to that of a grape, the acai has a smaller amount of pulp and a single large seed about 7-10 mm in diameter.

It's the actual pulp and the juice which is used in things like Acai capsules, vitamins, juices, etc. These little guys can cure all kinds of things as well as give you energy, help you lose weight (from a metabolic point of view). These berries also help with essential fatty acids, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and also supports; healthy energy levels, healthy immune system, healthy cholesterol levels, healthy cardiovascular system, free radical scavenging, gastrointestinal health and much more!

While you wouldn't literally go to the Rain forest to get these you can still find them online on many of the different websites available and in many different countries around the world including the US, Germany, Spain, and Acai berry UK! These little berries have truly taken the world by storm.

Everywhere you go now you hear about them - and its no wonder with the vitamins and minerals that they can provide for you as well as the varying benefits. I do believe that this is going to be one of those products that is just going to keep getting more and more popular over time! In fact, this product HAS become more and more popular even within the last year.

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buy acai supplement
buy acai supplement · 10 years ago
Another top quality article thanks for posting!

Kundan kumar
Kundan kumar · 10 years ago
It has been coined the superfood and this is why, Acia Berry contains all of the following: vitamins A, B1 and E, protein, several amino acids and omega fats (good fats).

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