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  • Author Matt Bacak
  • Published June 12, 2009
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If you are new to the online world it’s pretty obvious that you’d want to make money fairly

quickly otherwise you wouldn’t have become a part of it. Most people who decide to venture

online and start a web business usually do it for the money. Whether you’re planning on

leaving your current job or just want to make some residual income to have more "play money,"

a money-making website is within reach.

If you have a web designer setting up your website but you seem to have spent all of the money

for your web development and have very little in terms of revenue or profit months after the

website has been finished, you’ll have to evaluate the type of website you’ve invested in. You

don’t need to spend weeks and weeks and spending thousands of dollars setting up a website.

Some people spend months. However in my opinion, if you’re simply setting up a content website

that is not going to make you a whole lot of money it’s not worth it. Those sites are usually

great for Google Adsense and generating money that way. You’ll be making very conservative

revenues. However, there are websites that you can set up fairly quickly and start making

money right away.

Many of my students prior to joining my Promoting Tips membership program struggled in this

area. They were curious about where the missing link was. They were eager to know the kind of

website could be created in order to make money fairly quickly. They wanted to know what

method I currently use today to be a success online. And by success I simply mean, generating

thousands of dollars per month. Most likely you won’t make this type of money right away

because it has to do with several factors i.e., how much you advertise your site, are you

writing articles and distributing them online to various article sites and are you doing joint

venture deals? These are the main ways I make money. However, even if you did a portion of

what I do, you should be able to make some money fairly quickly with the type of website I’m

about to tell you about.

Drum roll please... a sales letter website is what you need!

You’ve got to create sales letters. That’s the type of site that’s going to make you money.

And that’s the missing link that you’re talking about.

What you need to do is create a product and then you’ve got to write a sales letter for that

product. You definitely won’t need a web guy for this. You need to talk to a direct response

marketer or a direct response copywriter to write you copy to sell your products for you.

They are qualified to write winning, high-converting sales copy that going to get you the

sale. That’s the missing link to you making money. You need to create a sales letter

specifically designed to sell one particular product. Once you do this you’ll need to

immediately start driving traffic to this new site. That’s the missing link that you’re


If you are struggling because you don’t have your own product, consider selling an affiliate

product with a high commission to make it worth your while. You’ll be amazed at your sales

numbers once you reach your audience though various traffic streams and by creating copy that

sells. It’s not an impossible task if you put the wheels in motion. It’s well worth it!

There are many strategies out there to make money on the internet but nothing makes sense

unless you have a big list. Email Marketing is a the most profitable way to make money on the

net. When you build a list of hot and hungry prospects you control your future. Discover how

to use the internet and turn your computer into a cash gushing machine. Sign up right now for

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