Going On the Net with Ancient and Modern Broadband Connections

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  • Author Ronald Jensen
  • Published June 19, 2009
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Nobody can live without the Internet these days. For almost everybody, it has become a need that is almost as essential as food and drink.

Not so long ago, all of us used telephone modems to connect to the Internet with. Theoretically, the modem could go around 56 kbps, but in reality it was much, much slower than that. I felt lucky if I got more than 20-25 kbps on a good day, so there was always time to get a fresh cup of tea while the website was loading.

At least it doesn’t demand as much patience to go online as it did before. These days a lot of us have broadband internet, so we can connect with speeds from 512 kbps and upwards. Depending on your location, you might easily be surfing the online world with no less than 2.000 kbps – or 100 times faster than I did with my old modem.

The Internet has changed a lot thanks to our broadband. These days, webpages doesn’t contain text and nothing more. Most often there are also lots of pictures, graphics and maybe even a video.

Especially videos are a very nice new thing on the Internet, since moving pictures makes it easier to explain complicated subjects. Just think about how difficult it is to explain how to fix an engine using text alone and how easy it is with a video.

At some point in the near future, we will probably be surfing the net with faster and faster broadband connections. The fastest broadband connections for sale in my area are approx. 20.000 kbps, but I’m not surprised if I see 100.000 kbps connections for sale within a year or two.

On top of that, we will begin to connect with more mobile devices. We will see lots of mobile broadband offers in the coming years. Nice if you need to go on the net in several different locations, but don’t forget that mobile broadband is much slower than traditional cable broadband.

But one day we will get a combination of the advantages of both types of broadband connections. A mobile broadband offer with the excellent speed of cable broadband. That would really be wonderful, because then you would not need to think about what kind of connection to buy.

Let us not think about things that have not yet come into existence. For now, you still have to choose between cable and mobile broadband connections – and only you know what is the best solution for your exact needs. Will you value speed or mobility?

R. Jensen runs a list of broadband offers on his site, DblNet bredbaand. There you see the latest prices and specifications for lots of offers for cable and mobile broadband.

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