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  • Published June 19, 2009
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Have those ever-rising heating and cooling bills spurred you on to search for some way to lower the cost of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature? You may have come across several solutions during your research, but the most effective method by far is home insulation.

What is so special about home insulation, and how can it help you to lower your energy bills on a year-round basis? Home insulation may not seem economical at first glance, but when it is properly installed by a professional, this improvement is going to save you money every month. Fibreglass insulation batts are a popular method of home insulation. Often, these batts are the colour pink, but can also be a yellow-cream colour. These batts have a high R-value, which is necessary for complete insulation.

The R-value stands for the amount of thermal resistance that the insulation in question has. The more a type of insulation can resist heat flow, the better, for this makes it more effective. How is the R-value of the various types of building insulation calculated? By comparing the type of materials that are used to make the insulation, how thick this material is, and how dense it is.

These fibreglass insulation batts are flexible, and are designed in such a way so that they can fit between wall studs, floor joists, and ceiling joists. All insulation works by trapping the air that flows in and out of your home, be it hot air or cold air. Both temperatures of air are trapped on the inside of the material that is used to make the insulation. This keeps the air from moving, and most importantly, keeps it out of your home.

Fibreglass insulation batts improve your home by keeping it comfortable year round, which is part of its popularity. The summer heat will not invade your home, nor will the winter cold come creeping in to chill you while you are relaxing in the evenings. The batts can be used in the ceilings, in the walls, and beneath the floors of your home, so you are protected from temperature extremes no matter what the time of year.

You never have to perform any type of maintenance on fibreglass insulation batts. Once they have been installed, you can just sit back and forget about them while they do their job in your home. Fibreglass insulation batts are made from spun fibres of glass. These fibres are joined together, and then covered with an outer layer of a binding agent. The batts are immune to damage from insects or from fire. They will definitely not mould, collect any form of fungus or bacteria, and a little bit of moisture due to humidity will not harm their effectiveness. They will not gradually deteriorate as time goes by, and should keep your home comfortable for the life of the structure.

Imagine how lovely it would be to keep the temperature inside your home at a constant, satisfying level, and save money each month on your utility bills! When you have fibreglass insulation batts installed in your home by a professional, comfort and energy efficiency are yours to keep.

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