Gel Candles Gifts (A How To Make Article)


  • Author Billie Williams
  • Published July 21, 2009
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Gel Candle Gifts

by Billie A Williams

Gifts may vary from the simple greeting cards to the most luxurious car. Does the cost matter? It does but it matters more about the "thought" behind the gift. It is undeniable that a ‘personal’ touch expresses more sincerity for the receiver. Your creativity plus a few tips from me will make that special person feel extra special because you made them a custom gel candle that reflects their likes be it hobby, lifestyle or personality.

A. How do make that extra special gel candle?

  1. Prepare the following materials:

  2. Ceramic or glass containers (heat resistant) like mugs or any fancy shaped container that could hold the candle wax when melted.

  3. Gel wax

  4. Candle wicks

  5. Pencils (for holding the wicks over the center of the containers)

  6. Candle scent and color (non-alcohol based) if you plan to use them.

  7. Sharp scissors to cut the wick after the candle has cooled.

B. Twine the wick around the pencil, but leave enough of it free that it will reach the bottom of your chosen candle container. It must be in the center and straight down into the bottom of the container. Put a dab of hot glue at the base to hold it in place.

C. Draw a line where you want the wax to fill to – so that you don’t over fill the container.

D. Cut the wax into cubes to hasten the melting. Then heat it to completely melt, but being careful not to scorch or boil it. You should have a smooth clear semi-liquid.

E. Add color and scent. Use non-alcoholic color and essence of you or your recipient’s favorite scent.

F. Make sure the wick is held up and in the center of the container, but do not pull it loose from the glue, as you pour the wax. The pencil laying across the container should do the trick just fine.

G. When the candle is cooled you can trim the wick to within a quarter inch of the wax.

H. Add pretty paper, ribbon and a card.

Your gift is sure to be warmly received and appreciated.

As you follow these quick and easy steps, you could unravel both the artist and entrepreneur in you. This way of preparing gifts shows both your resourcefulness and creativity. Moreover, it could be the initiation of your new business, specializing in candles. Candles are one of the gifts and additions to home decor that are always in style and appreciated by nearly everyone.

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