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  • Published July 11, 2009
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In almost every home or Makati condo, you would find curtains hanging over windows. The purpose of these curtains goes beyond aesthetics. Aside from providing a design piece for your house or Makati condo, its main function is to act as coverings for your windows. One reason why you might want to cover your windows is for privacy and another is to block out light or sound.

These curtains are great opportunities to design an area of your house because they often come in a variety of shapes, materials, sizes, colors, and patterns. Whether you are designing you house or your Makati condo, it is good to learn all about the different types of curtains you can choose from.

  • Voiles. These are light weight woven fabric, generally made from 100% cotton or cotton blends including linen or polyester. They are very easy to clean and maintain. They could give a room the effect of delicate elegance and class.

  • Blinds. There are many different blinds in the market. They are specific types of window coverings made with slats of fabric, wood, or metal that can be adjusted from an open to a closed position using a rod. If you want better control of the amount of light that enters your room, then it’s a good idea to use window blinds. Aside from this, they are also very easy to clean. Simplicity and efficiency are the effects that are easily achieved with blinds. They are the choices for your windows if you want your covering to blend into the background instead of standing out.

  • Shades. These are very similar to blinds except that they are made of solid material which you can raise up or down with the use of a string. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and materials. Some modern shades in the market include what they call ‘solar shades’ made of polyethylene fabric which can reduce indoor temperature while still allowing light to filter in.

  • Lace. If you want to add a classic, old-style look to your rooms then using lace curtains is the answer. They could soften daylight and brighten dark windows at night. They are often used in conjunction with heavier fabrics because they are very lightweight and see-through.

  • Beads. An eclectic, free-spirited feel is easily achieved when using beaded curtains. There are many different types of beads you can choose from – acrylic, shells, bamboo, gemstones, glass, string, mirror, and other natural materials.Visit the website

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