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  • Published July 20, 2009
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For anyone who uses FaceBook social networking on a regular basis, FaceBook proxys can be an extremely helpful. If you frequently work in an environment or access the internet from a location that has firewalls installed to prevent access to social networking sites, then you need to know more about this useful tool.

Social Networking

Over the past few years, social networking sites have exploded on the internet. Sites like FaceBook, MySpace and LinkedIn, just to name a few, have become integral to both building a network of friends and for business people looking to make beneficial connections with others.

Social networking not only allows people to follow your comments, photos and news about your activities, but also allows people to follow conversations about topics they find interesting and relevant to their own lives. For many people, checking on their FaceBook or MySpace page daily – if not more often – is an important activity.


With the advent of numerous distractions, many businesses have installed network firewalls that prevent access to certain types of internet websites. Additionally, schools and libraries and other public internet computers have also installed this kind of blocking software. The reasons for using firewalls are important to understand.

For many companies, the loss of productive hours of employee time has lead to the necessity of using firewalls to prevent employees from wasting time on websites that are not related to their work. Recently, it was found that as much as three to four hours a day are easily wasted on internet surfing if employees are not closely supervised and firewalls are not installed on company computers.

In addition to concerns about wasted time, companies also have understandable concerns about the potential for viruses, spyware and malware being installed on company computers as a result of web surfing by employees. It can cost companies thousands of dollars to repair and reconfigure every work station that has been infected with malware, spyware and viruses. Plus, the network usually has to be scrubbed clean too.

FaceBook Proxys

FaceBook proxys are a method of going around firewalls that are installed on company or public internet computers. The way a proxy works is that you purchase a membership for access to a website that has anonymous access to social networking sites such as FaceBook, MySpace or others. The work station you are on does not recognize the proxy website as a malicious or undesirable website and does not block access to it, and the user is allowed to go through the website to gain access to the social networking site.

Before signing up for a social networking proxy site, make sure that you research the site thoroughly, since there are occasionally sites that advertise that they are proxy sites, but instead they are really hacking sites that are used to gain access to your private information and hijack your personal sites and accounts. Reputable and safe FaceBook proxys not only allow anonymous access, but they also encrypt all incoming and outgoing data.

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