Beverage Coasters – Essential Part Of Your Set Of Crockery


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  • Published July 18, 2009
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Beverage coasters provide protection for furniture at home. They shield the surface of tables and desks from dripping liquid, heat from the bases of hot cups and condensation from cold liquids. They are very important kitchen accessories because they preserve furniture and make them look new. For these reasons, you will find coasters as a part of almost every home set of crockery.

Drink coasters come in various colors, designs and sizes. Their mere presence on coffee tables or dining tables brings a new type of decor to rooms. They give the furniture surfaces extra beauty and glamour.

Coasters can be easy to ignore when shopping for home accessories but they shouldn’t be. Though less noticed by homeowners, a glass of cold beer can potentially damage your furniture in three ways.

First, you have condensing water from the outer part of the glass that drips down to the furniture. Secondly, there can be spills from the glass onto the coffee table or dining table. Thirdly, the glass or mug can generate scratches over the furniture as you drag them across. All of these risks will result in the diminished beauty of your furniture.

You will therefore need to protect your valuable property from preventable damage with beverage coasters. They will absorb your spills and keep your table dry and appealing. If you own a bar, you will enhance the comfort of your patrons with clean tables and shiny counter tops.

Buying coasters for your home can be tricky. You will need to look at the material to ensure that it will serve the intended purpose and match the decor in your living room or bar. If you predominantly consume cold drinks, then cloth beverage coasters will be ideal for your home. They easily absorb liquids and will prevent the base of the mug or glass from scratching the furniture. You must remember to choose colors that blend with your home decor and pick fabrics that are easily washable.

Keeping beverage coasters protect your furniture from spillages and dripping water that has condensed from cold beer glasses. You will need them for the home to preserve your expensive furniture.

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