Adirondack Rockers for the Mom to Be


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  • Published August 3, 2009
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Known for its soothing comfort and attractive form, an Adirondack chair is also the perfect gift for new moms and mothers to be. From pregnancy, through birth and early childhood, rocking chairs are valuable to the development process and help restore a woman’s well-being.

During the labor process, but before the actual delivery, rocking and free movement helps a woman to feel more in control and also decreases the need for pain medication. For this reason, most maternity wards are equipped with rockers for just this reason.

Global studies have been conducted with results that unequivocally show the benefit of rocking.

Using an Adirondack rocker is said to promote fetal nervous system development, as well as positively affect their tactile and vestibular movement. Physicians suggest that pregnant women in their 10th week begin rocking about 5 to 10 minutes twice a day, every day.

The classic use of rocking chairs uses the notion that the swaying movement creates a calming effect on infants, lulling them back to sleep or at least a calmer state. Employed for centuries, this method has even gone so far as to show up in popular culture, like the nursery rhyme "Rock-a-Bye Baby." Being able to sit and rock with one’s child strengthens the overall bond between mother and child, soothing not only the latter, but relaxing moms as well. Babies who are rocked cease their crying sooner and the children tend to exhibit calmer, more positive emotions overall. Surprisingly, when not being rocked studies show that they smile more, hold their heads up and sit and stand earlier than children who are not rocked. It is still being determined whether rocking stimulates inner ear balance and assists in learning biological skills like alertness. It also represents the child’s ability for conditioned learning once that he/she comprehends kicking back in response. In preemies, rocking may go so far as to protect again sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by reducing infant apnea. It is possible that the rocking itself is even learned in utero. In addition to the calming response, it is hoped that using an Adirondack rocker regularly will help to improve an infant’s motor skills. In older children and even adults suffering from ADD and ADHD, rocking helps stimulate concentration and promote balance and stability.

There are added benefits for the expectant mother and the new mother. Rocking during pregnancy will help blood to circulate, thereby decreasing the appearance of varicose veins, a common problem that goes along with pregnancy weight gain. For women who choose to give birth by cesarean section, using an Adirondack rocker post-delivery will help moms get back on their feet quicker and experience less pain during recovery. Regardless of delivery method, rocking also helps to burn calories (150 per hour), so say goodbye to the weight. Finally, many a mother using a rocking chair for breastfeeding. The chairs are designed to contour around the seat and lower back areas, while the sloping back adds comfort. Hours can be spent nursing, rocking and bonding with one another while in the nursery. Pass the chair down through the generations and after a time you will have a beloved family heirloom. Rocking chairs are a symbol of motherly nurture and for good reason.

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