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  • Published July 25, 2009
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Home decorating is an easy task but it requires careful planning. You need to consider a lot of factors so that the furnishings you put together will complement your room size, wall color, and shape. Here are few tips to enable you to get the most form your decorating efforts.

The first task is to determine your focal point. This place is considered the center of your decoration. It is the principal piece of furniture, object, or furnishing around which your decoration will revolve. Examples of focal points include fireplaces, room dividers and book shelves.

Once this point is located, the rest of the furnishings can come as you will now know what attracts the attention most in your room. The next activity is to choose a theme. What impression do you want your guests to have as they enter your living room? Do you want them to feel like they are in the countryside, in the home of a pop music celebrity, or that of a retro lover? The answer to this question will enable you select traditional, elegant, classic decor. You will accordingly choose rugs, lamps, colors and furniture that match your intended impression. You must note that the theme must be kept consistently throughout the room.

Flowers add special effects to the home. Live plants freshen up the atmosphere and artificial ones can make the place look lively. Choose tall vases with decorations at the base to make an elegant decor when placed at corners. Single sleek petalled flowers on the fireplace or bookshelf exude a fantastic appearance.

Rugs can add special glamour to rooms. You should choose the shape of your rug according to the shape of the room. Oval, circular or rectangular rugs will help in this way. Again, look at the pattern in the rug. If they are located at one point, then that part should be close to your focal point. If they are evenly distributed, then they can be spread across the room in any way. Also select your rug according to colors that will match your existing wall tones.

These decorating tips will enable you keep your home furnishings looking trendy and elegant. You can combine all or some of the suggestions in this guide depending on the effects you would like to create.

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