Loving, Living And Sleeping With Feng Shui Bedroom Colors


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  • Published August 14, 2009
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Your bedroom is a very important part of your home; it is essentially your little piece of heaven. Your bedroom is your retreat, your Zen space and your personal place in your home. You don’t easily invite others into your bedroom, not as easily as you would into your living room. Your bedroom is thus far more private and because of that it is far more important.

You also spend much more time in your bedroom than you do in any other room in the house, even if it is mostly while you are asleep. Feng Shui is an eastern concept that places emphasis in harmonizing all aspects of a room or home. This harmonizing attracts positive Chi energy into the space so that you can benefit from it.

Color is a vital part of Feng Shui and so it can be greatly beneficial to look as Feng Shui bedroom colors. Feng Shui bedroom colors can enhance your sleep, relationships, happiness and your prosperity. Your bathroom is another place of peace in your home. You could find benefit in investigating Feng Shui bathroom colors to enhance your time spent relaxing in the tub.

Bedding Your Feng Shui

Aside from Feng Shui bedroom colors you can also try other Feng Shui techniques to better your health, happiness and good fortune. Steer clear from fluorescent lighting and other forms of harsh light, try candles and lights with dimmer switches. The better your lighting the better you will benefit from your Feng Shui bedroom colors.

Harsher light can easily make colors change appearance and seem inappropriate, softer and more balanced light can compliment your Feng Shui bedroom colors nicely. You should also remove as much technology from your room as possible. That means you need to evict the television and that computer, they can find better homes somewhere else in the house. Keep the air in your bedroom fresh and clean. Stale air is only going to harm you and repel positive Chi energy.

When you choose your Feng Shui bedroom colors you need to make sure that you steer clear of too much red or purple. Red is a fiery color that can cause fighting if it overpowers your bedroom. Purple in itself is a very powerful and vibrant color. It will overpower your balance if you use too much of it. For your Feng Shui bedroom colors you should rather lean towards fresh colors that are soothing to you and your internal balance. Pastels, neutrals and soft colors go best with the bedroom and cultivate a beautiful and soothing atmosphere.

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