Who Needs An Area Rug?


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  • Published August 17, 2009
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Anyone who wants to instantly change the appearance and feeling of their space needs an area rug. You can find an area rug to suit your need, and it does not really matter whether you are a homemaker, a career person or a student. There is no doubt an area rug to suit your need, taste and budget exists. An area rug, or a floor rug, or just plain rug, as some may call it, is a covering for all of, or a portion of, the floor in a room.

That room could be the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, playroom, den, family room, dorm room–wherever you want to place it.

Placement is usually a simple matter:

  1. Choose the space.

  2. Clear the space.

  3. Unroll the rug mat (for larger rugs; it protects both the rug and the floor, and prevents slipping) Note: Some smaller rugs come with no-slip undersides.

  4. Unroll the rug (on top of the rug mat, if there is one).

  5. Replace the furniture.

That is all there is to it.

How lucky we are, and most of us do not even know it. Did you know that with an area rug in your place, you have a life style advantage over King Henry the Eighth and Queen Elizabeth the First? In their times, the English people (including their nobles) did not yet have rugs. They did the best with what they had. According to historians, they used fresh straw, spread on both stone and wooden floors.

That situation began to change when a Spanish princess wed an English king, and brought rugs, as part of her trousseau, to England. It must have been a joy for those who visited her, to set their feet upon her comfortable rug-covered floors.

Today, the numbers and varieties of area rugs a person can choose from can really boggle the mind. They can be sought for according to brand, design or style, color, shape, material used to make them, size, and even type of construction. The result is prices ranging from a few tens of dollars to several thousand dollars.

Even a low-priced area rug can instantly change the look and feel of a room to one of simple elegance. A better quality, higher priced one will have even more effect. That is precisely why people can find affordable area rugs that are also lovely works of art.

Before you rush out to buy your area rug, however, you should learn a bit more about rugs, and their varieties. Be sure to pay a visit to My-area-rugs-guide.com for that information, and more, besides.

Jess Willis writes about rugs at http://www.my-area-rugs-guide.com which contains valuable resource information and tips for would-be rug shoppers.

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