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The conservatories have come into extensive use from the late nineties and since then it has been in news as the people across the world construct the conservatories in their houses for recreation or for leisure. The conservatories are most often small rooms because nowadays there is no large space available for the building of the conservatories.

The construction of the conservatory is one of the best ideas as it makes the surrounding of a house look beautiful. If you desire to take some rest in midst of the beautiful trees or the garden it will bring you much delighted and you will feel relaxed. The conservatories are made from different materials like P.V.C, glass or even wood. The conservatory is constructed mainly for the horticulture but due to the scarcity of space, the conservatories are most often used as the extra room.

Shapes and sizes

There are different shapes and sizes of the conservatories and so it is not intact. In a home, the air in the surrounding becomes healthy and so the people rarely fall ill and they go for improving their good health. The greenery around the house will make you feel fresh. The conservatory can be easily constructed. There are many people who construct their own conservatory while others hire the other personnel who excel in the construction of the conservatories.

Some of the types of the conservatories are listed below that would help you to find the right type of conservatory that would suit your purpose.

Gable Front

The gable front is the most modern technique for the construction of the conservatory. It has a rectangular floor and a triangular faced and the front windows are very big and they end up at the top of the roof. The height of this type of conservatory helps the light to enter in the maximum quantity and also the space created inside the gable front conservatory is enormous. So, the plants that are placed in the conservatory grow very quickly as they get the maximum amount of sunlight and air.


The P-shaped conservatory is the most flexible and the people can get the highest usage through it. The floor of such type of conservatory is designed as P and hence the name given is P-shaped conservatory.


The Victorian is the most versatile conservatory and it matches almost all types of the houses. The roofing of the conservatory is very steep and the center of the roof is very complex along the ridge. The Victorian conservatory with three to five facades provides the maximum space inside the conservatory for amusement or for luxury.


The Edwardian conservatory is also known as the Georgian conservatory. The construction of the Edwardian conservatory is almost similar to that of the Victorian. But here you will find that there is an increase in the inside space as the floor is rectangular. The design of the Edwardian conservatory is often very simple and so it detracts less than the illustration collision of the house or other property.

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