Bachelor boys lead the way with contemporary, modern, Italian furniture


  • Author Tracy Fearn
  • Published August 11, 2009
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Recent years have seen a boom in the development of city centre apartments and "loft style living". Coupled with this housing phenomenon has been the explosion in contemporary, modern furniture in order to create that in vogue, up-to-the-minute stylish look. Not only that an increased number of people are adopting a contemporary style as their chosen design in what would usually be considered a more traditional setting. Mixing vintage with new and introducing an "eclectic style" being the order of the day.

The recent demise in the housing market has fuelled the increase in the purchase of contemporary furniture as less people are choosing to move house, and instead spending their surplus cash on restyling their existing homes. Whether they are looking for large pieces of furniture or smaller accessory pieces, people are looking for ways that they can mirror their personalities. Contemporary Italian furniture pieces offer just that opportunity. The lines are clean, sleek and streamline. The look casual, yet attention grabbing. The colours are bold, edgy, eye catching and trendy. The feel is chic, hip, and yet plain dramatic.

Contemporary Italian furniture is different from most other sectors of the market in as much as it can appeal to both sexes. Traditionally, it was women that bought the furniture for the home. But what is apparent is this style is attractive to the "bachelor type", the single guy about town who has a smart, trendy city centre apartment. Men used to linger in the background, lacking confidence in making interior design choices; typically outsourcing the decision making to their wives and girlfriends. Now the stereo type 25-35 year old man is self-educated in what is trendy and what works in their home environment. Lets face it men have slowly become house proud.

Spoilt for choice the contemporary sector oozes masculinity, more so than any other sector of the market, without being detrimental to the female population. In fact it is safe to say that there isn’t another sector of the market that addresses the needs of both sexes in such a fulfilling way.

Noticeably, the eruption in the male need, "must have" large flat TV screens has helped in the upsurge of living room accessories, whether it’s a trendy entertainment unit, large comfy sofa or sleek and modern coffee table. The style of developments has also helped in embracing the popularity of contemporary Italian furniture. Gone was the layout of individual rooms’ that we’d all grown up with and very quickly we were adapting to the idea of open planning living. Walls were demolished in houses across the country with ease and speed and the birth of contemporary Italian furniture was quickly established.

Will the popularity of this type of furniture continue? I think it’s a given that contemporary furniture is here to stay. This style is now part of our lives and will continue to be so going forward. The market dictates strong growth in this sector over the long term and any product purchased can be considered a sound investment.

So be brave and experiment with strong pieces that suit both your personality and your home.

Tracy J Fearn

Expert in Interior Design

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